What does it mean to be passionate about something?

Passion implies feelings and dedication. It means that you love to do something and you don’t consider that spending your free time that way is overdoing it. In fact, you’re so focused at what you’re passionate about that you find a way to squeeze it in your schedule and you almost forget about the world around you while you’re at it. To have a passion means to surrender, to offer yourself fully in order to accomplish that thing, to be hooked on the idea and offer complete devotion to it…

Ok…but how does such a passion evolve?

The interesting and scary thing at the same time is that a passion grabs you from the start. You just encounter it, spend a little time knowing what it is all about and it seduces you, with no means to escape. A passion transforms the vision you have about the world around you. Suddenly, everything begins to make sense. And you feel fulfilled!

And because the best time to let yourself seduced by a passion is adolescence, young men and women are the ones best renowned for their passions. In the past, maybe more than today, people were intrigued by teens that gave all up to see their dreams come true.

So… what kind of passions did adolescents have in the past?

Maybe there were the difficulties of the era that young people had to overcome, but it seems that the fervor they had in dedicating themselves to what they loved shined brighter than it does today. An example is a high school student, which translated the entire opera of the leading Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu, in English, while also being an Olympic in mathematics and physics, all before the age of 19. And as if this accomplishment wasn’t enough, his translation is considered the best there is; the Poetry Society of UK even offers a biennially prize entitled “The Corneliu M. Popescu Prize for Poetry Translated From a European Language Into English”, in memory of this young man, who died in an earthquake in 1977, aged 19.

Astounding and, in the same time, difficult to repeat. Still, young people of this century are not to be ignored.
There are many adolescents that find sports to be their passion; one of them is now 21 years old linebacker, Manti Te'owho is the most decorated collegiate football player of all times.In other areas, like the virtual space of the internet, teens rule the world. They have a much better understanding of the technology and manage, at only 14-15 years old to have businesses of millions of dollars (Ashley Qualls, Josh Buckley or Juliette Brindak are just three examples).

It is true that we may have lost a little of the romance that passion had in the past, but the fire that drives people, at all ages, to make their dreams come true, will never get old.

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