Passing a gallstone can be extremely simple or it can be extremely frustrating. Most people opt to go through with surgery and remove their gallbladder thus removing the stones.

However, this article is for those people who want to pass their gallstones and avoid gallbladder surgery. In this article, you will learn 5 tips to begin your home treatment.

A Natural Way to Pass Gallstones

Our statistics show that about 3 out of 4 sufferers can pass their stones with an alternative treatment. It is true that sometimes gallbladder surgery is needed. However, I would strongly recommend trying a natural remedy before removing your organ.

The gallbladder is needed for proper digestion of fats. Without your gallbladder, bile will continuously drip thus giving you nausea, diarrhea and even vomiting. If you do not believe me, Google 'complications after gallbladder surgery'.

On the other hand, you can pass your gallstone(s) by flushing your gallbladder, bowel and liver. You can also convert the cholesterol (gallstones are usually made up of hardened cholesterol) to bile. Here are some tips to begin passing your gallstones.

Passing Gallstone Quickly

You should always aim to keep your body as cleansed as possible. Flushing cholesterol, toxins and the other junk in your body and organs is paramount for this treatment. A good rule of thumb is to always eat and drink healthy foods and beverages.

For instance, water is always the best option for this treatment. Avoid all other beverages (except juice purees) because water is a natural cleanser. There are literally hundreds of benefits of water and one of those benefits is flushing your gallbladder. Water has also been shown to keep organs working more efficiently.

You should also keep your foods as whole as possible. In other words, avoid foods that are highly processed and fattening. That means you should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and foods that are personally cooked. Avoid fast foods too!

Vegetables are of significant importance. Especially, vegetables that contain chlorophyll! Try to eat a variety of vegetables daily. Vegetables are a great food that are highly nutritious but also help cleanse the organs, like the gallbladder. Try to eat these vegetables: asparagus, spinach and parsley.

Vitamin therapy is also popular with this disease. For instance, supplementing vitamin C has been shown to convert cholesterol to bile which could be extremely helpful for dissolving cholesterol based gallstones. You should supplement up to 3000 mg daily.

There are also other researched ways to treat gallstones naturally! Learn more in our Gallstone Remedy Report.

Cancel Gallbladder Surgery

Imagine cancelling your gallbladder surgery and saving thousands of dollars in medical expenses. I strongly encourage you to try a gallstone remedy before surgery. If you are interested in a 100% guaranteed Gallstone Remedy Report that is researched and proven to work, please visit us now!

Passing Gallstones

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