Nothing is worse for an avid reader and a lover of books than having a child who hates to read. Reading to a child early in life will help them foster a love of reading and prepare them to read themselves, but sometimes not even that can be enough to foster a love of the written word. Reading parents know that aversion to reading will haunt their child for the rest of his life, making school harder making the rest of his or her life harder.

But, as any parent knows, you cannot simply say to a 10-year-old who hates reading, "You're going to read and you're going to like it." First, you have to understand why reading is so difficult for your student.

In the school systems today, reading is being taught in an inefficient manner. "Average" readers today read anywhere from 100 words per minute (usually for memorization purposes) to 700 words per minute ("skimming", looking only for specific key words). As the words per minute go up, reading comprehension goes down, and this is borne out in standardized test scores. With the pressure on slower readers of having to finish the reading section and the comprehension questions within a set period of time, most end up turning to "skimming" looking only at key words in the question and then trying to find them in the reading section. This "cheater" method is only reinforced when the test comes back with a good grade (since they were only looking for specific words).

What would you, as a parent, pay to not only teach your child a better, faster, and easier way of reading but also one that increases their reading comprehension up to over 80%?

How about nothing? When you purchase SpeedRead America's Complete Speed Reading Program for yourself, you have SpeedRead America's permission "even its blessing" to pass the course on to your friends and family members who love to read and would like to read more or who are struggling to read and are on the fence about reading in general.

Imagine your child reading every word on the standardized test page in under ten seconds and remembering it! How much better will your child feel about him or herself, being the first to finish the test instead of the last? Homework and studying time could be cut in half, or more, giving all of you more family time.

Reports from previous customers of SpeedRead America have shown that less than a month after beginning the Complete Speed Reading Program Family Edition, students' grades have raised dramatically in some instances raising from a C average to an A in only 21 days!

Dr. Jay Polmar, author of over 40 books, spent years developing the Complete Speed Reading Program, and originally taught it to university students around the United States. Now, he brings his vast knowledge into your home. Bring a love of lifelong learning home to everyone in the family starting at under $70!

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Dr. Polmar was an instructor of Be Dynamic with Speed Reading, at 9 colleges and universities from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. He's offering to you his rapid learn method to produce your own paper in 10 days or less. Enjoy!