Do I need a party wall expert?

The most basic question that bugs everyone's mind when it comes to any operation on the party wall is whether to hire a party wall expert or not. The central portion of a party wall agreement's cost is the party wall surveyor's rate. There are various facets involved when it comes to drafting a perfect party wall agreement. So it would be best if you had a party wall expert who can take care of all these and draft the optimal party wall agreement for you.

What is the importance of a party wall surveyor?

Whenever you are going to make a party wall agreement, there is bound to be some problems. In most cases, the neighbors are not in agreement and might need to be served notice for the party wall agreement. It is for this reason that having a party wall specialist is essential. They can make sure that there is no legal breach on your part when you are serving a notice to your neighbors regarding the work on the party wall.

Since the party wall surveyor's cost is the main expense, there can be a question of who is going to make the payment if both the parties are in agreement. There are no laws that dictate which party has to bear the party wall surveyor's expense. The surveyor can reasonably divide the cost between the two parties. In general, most of the party wall surveyor north London charge the amount to the owner of the building.

Who pays the party wall specialist if the work is abandoned?

The payment of the party wall specialist cannot be restricted even if the work is abandoned. This is because the agreement's survey and drawing-up are done before the beginning of the work, so the termination of work in mid-way is not the party wall surveyor's liability.

In general, the party wall surveyor charges the amount from both the parties. However, if a building owner undertakes the work and work gets abandoned in the middle, he has to pay the party wall expert because it directly benefits the building owner.

Are there good party wall surveyors in London?

If you need a party wall agreement, then the best choice is the party wall surveyor London. Most of the party wall surveyors from London are experienced and offer the best services. There are numerous technicalities involved in drawing up the best party wall agreement, which dictates the need for a good party wall surveyor. Having a good surveyor also means that you get the most benefit from the agreement without making the neighbors feel angry.

So if the work on the party wall is abandoned and you refuse to pay the specialist, you will be in breach of the act. The best thing to do in this case is to enter negotiations with the specialist and explain the reasons for the work's abandonment. Moreover, if the work is abandoned before it commences, you can notify the specialists to relax the fees.

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