How different is party makeup from bridal makeup? They are both about making a mark – about standing out from the rest and turning heads! However, there still are nuances that differentiate bridal makeup from party makeup. And, today in the course of the post, we will discuss these differences only!

Party Makeup Versus Bridal Makeup: The Basic Differences discussed

Let us tell you that there are different factors that determine how you should be applying your makeup or for that matter – what you should be applying as makeup. The best bet is always to reach out to an expert offering professional makeup in Delhi. So here is a detailed look at what we are actually telling you!

Your face!

It all starts with your complexion – or for that matter, the base. Experts opine that when it especially comes to Asian bridal makeup – it’s your base which actually matters. They keep emphasizing flawless skin in this regard. You want anything extraordinary in terms of looks and we can tell you that you have to ensure that you are maintaining a flawless face throughout. As far as bridal makeup is concerned, you need to settle for full coverage base since your makeup needs to last very long. You can achieve the full coverage base with a foundation powder since it goes on to add a layer of coverage, thereby preventing the base from sliding.

As far as party makeup goes, you do not really have to follow any stringent measure in this regard. You can actually go on to opt for full coverage or medium coverage or for that matter even something like a tinted moisturizer. You can then go on to add an extra layer of coverage in order to conceal flaws like under eye dark circles or blemishes of any sort! Lightweight party makeup should ideally be held in place with the help of translucent cake. You don’t need to add extra cakes since you will not require your makeup to stay as long as the bride would want.


Contouring – of course- remains another important part of makeup. Remember bridal contour is never subtle. As much as you wouldn’t really like to hear it—do let us tell you that it’s actually true! Brides need to resort to a sharp and definite contour in order to ensure that your bone structure is well defined. Balance the contour out with the right kind of highlighting. Bridal makeup highlighting can be loud! However, you need it to retain a radiant glow throughout.

A Party makeup artist in Delhi will tell you that you should never overdo when it comes to contouring. Make use of bronzer which will go on to add a youthful radiance to your face while defining the structure of your face as well.


Asian brides are well-known for their sultry eyes. You can try out a range of experiments like bold sharp eyeliners (the winged ones), totally smoked out lower lash and what not!

Party make up eyes are all about shimmer, glitter or vibrant colours.

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