The lionization of internet technology has led to a steep increase in the demand of websites and other software applications. To fulfill these demands business owners turn towards software development firms for assistance. As the demand for new software applications is touching new heights, more and more software firms are emerging in the market. Today, if you Google the keyword, 'software development company' with the name of your locality as a prefix, you will get thousands of results in a matter of few seconds. Browsing through all of these results is a herculean task and next to impossible. So, how do you choose the right software company that will understand your business requirements and provide high-quality solutions accordingly? Here are a few pointers that will help you in selecting the right firm for IT outsourcing services:

Step # 1: Research Thoroughly: This is the foundation step towards finding the right software development company. Plan your requirements and accordingly start researching for a software firm online. Your requirement list shall include the following points- purpose of the new software, the target audience and the development budget that you have sanctioned. This initial list will aid you in narrowing down a few companies from the pool of firms available.

Step # 2: Look for Referrals: Obtaining referrals can help you in getting an inside peek about the company you are zeroing upon. Ask friends, colleagues, people on social networking sites and other acquaintances for review about the company and make a note of everything you get to know.

Step # 3: Evaluate Well: Once you have got the reviews from your acquaintances, it's time for you to evaluate the positives and negatives of the companies that you have short listed. You can base your evaluation process on the following four parameters:

1.) Relevant Experience: Look for a company that has hands on experience of working in diverse business environment and using latest technologies.

2.) Portfolio: Check the portfolio of the firms. This will give you an idea of the quality of work they have to offer.

3.) Technology: consider the technology used by the firms. It's essential to partner a firm that uses up to date technology and is equipped with high-end infrastructure.

2.) Fees: This is another important aspect. Choose a company that is offering IT outsourcing services at affordable prices that suit your budget.

Step # 4: Response Time: Considering the responsiveness factor is also essential. Check how quickly the firm responds to your queries and what its provisions for are after sales support.

Step # 5: Request Proposals: Once you have short listed a handful of companies, you can now post your queries and request for proposal. A potential proposal will include- overview of your requirements, solution proposed by the company, cost involved and time required completing the project.

Step # 6: Evaluate Proposals: This is the final and the most crucial stage. Once you have all proposals on your table, it is time to evaluate and scrutinize each one of them carefully. Consider the worthiness of the proposals and the price quoted by the firms.

Following the above mentioned steps you can compare and decide upon a software development company that will understand your business needs and deliver cost effective solutions accordingly.

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Chris Miller is a blogger cum web developer for a leading software development company. He provides concrete information about IT outsourcing services. PHP, Asp.Net/Java apps development, software development & mobile applications development.