Not Focusing on YOUR Inner life and how you feel.

Being the absolute best service professional you can be has nothing to do with your client, but has everything to do with YOU

I know this may not sound like a problem for most service professionals. It may even seem counterintuitive to everything you have learnt so far. Most service professional courses advise you to focus completely on your client and that it is all about them. And even though this is true, you do want to focus on your client in a session, but at the same time, if you want to be a positive influence, you need to feel as good as you possibly can; not only about your sessions together, but also in your life generally.

As we mentioned in mistake number two, when you feel good consistently according to the law of attraction, you are then, and only then, the most powerful positive influence you can be.

If we get too caught up focusing on how to best serve our clients and forget to maintain the best feeling we can have within ourselves, we are failing to remember the most important aspect when being of service to others. When we forget this, we have no power of influence and we can't help our clients in their endeavours to resolve problems or achieve their goals.

Everything we want to attract in our lives, we want because we believe it will give us pleasure, and generally make us feel good. When you understand the true power of maintaining that good feeling in the moment, regardless of what you may be experiencing personally or professionally, you will hold the key to achieving any state of being you wish; any state of health and well-being, any state of prosperity; any relationship you desire will be yours.

Not through hard work or prolonged and complex actions, but through deliberately choosing thoughts that make you feel good continuously. By consciously choosing the direction of your thoughts to improve how you feel, you are then on your way to creating a happier and more joyful experience in your business and your life in general.

The only real reason you would experience any of the negative feelings mentioned earlier when working with your clients, is because you are not a vibrational (energy) match to what you desire, which your inner being, (the nonphysical part of you) holds for you in a vibrational reality.

So if you feel good on any particular subject then you are a vibrational match to being the most powerful influence you can be in your clients' lives. And once you know this fully and are committed to practicing it regularly, you will then have the key to be, do or have whatever it is you desire.

All you need to do is gradually let go of old resistant thoughts that don't serve you well, and replace them with better feeling thoughts. Always care about how you feel and then follow the path that keeps you feeling good.


Do you understand you can change how you feel moment by moment?

Think of a current situation you are facing that doesn’t feel good, for example, a feeling of discouragement because a client is not moving forward at a speed you had hoped for them. While you have this image in your mind, choose a different thought that you know will make you feel better. You don’t have to go from totally discouraged to feeling wonderful; you just need to feel a little better than what you were. If the first thought doesn’t relieve your negative emotion, continue to search your mind for that better feeling thought until you observe even a slight shift in how you feel within yourself. Write down your experience in this process.

Do you believe that what you think and feel attracts like experiences into your life?


For this process, be aware of your feelings as much as you can throughout the day. When you become aware that you are feeling bad about a problem that is currently occurring in your life, choose three things that make you feel good when you think about them. They may be things like butterflies, a flower or the beach on a sunny day. Anything at all that gives you pleasure. Once you realise your feelings aren’t in a good place, simply close your eyes; take a few deep breaths and relax. Gently bring those thoughts into your awareness. Focus on each image long enough to lift your mood from each good feeling thought you have chosen. . Be aware of how your feelings change and write down your observations when you can. Know that after you have practised this process successfully, you have changed your point of attraction from attracting what you don’t want, to magnetising more of what you actually do want.

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