Feeling Responsible for Your Clients' Success

If you feel it's your responsibility to fix your clients, you have lost your ability to truly help them.

Feeling responsible for your clients' success will cause you frustration, drain you of energy and will result in feelings of stress quicker than anything else, and it will continue to, until you recognise that you can never solve someone else's problems. People can only do it for themselves. As the service professional, you can be the catalyst for them to achieve their desired outcomes, but your clients are the ones who have total control over their lives and circumstances.

You can't think or feel for them, and you can't create what they want in their reality. But you can think for yourself, and you can deliberately create your own reality. When you find a way to consistently think thoughts that feel good, your power of influence in your client's life will be as strong as it can possibly be.

When viewed through the law of attraction, the main problem a service professional faces when making this mistake is focusing too much on the clients' problems. That is, whatever negative situation may be happening in their lives right now that seems to be holding them back, you may be getting caught up in that just as your clients are.

Naturally, you are eager to help them, so you can't help but get involved in their problems and start to take that on because you feel they aren't strong enough, or perhaps not capable of dealing with it fully on their own, while you feel strong enough to do it for them. But, it is simply not possible to fix problems or create in someone else's reality.

This process will quickly drain you of energy because you are trying to do something that is impossible. Frustration will set in because you only want the best for your client; you know you can help them, but they just don't seem to be grasping it, or getting there fast enough for you. As long as the focus continues around these negative issues, you will attract more of the same, and your client can't move forward to achieve their life's dreams.

So what is the solution? The solution is to stop trying to create for someone else; know that they are powerful creators in their own right and, through the law of attraction, they can change and grow to be, do and have whatever they desire too - If They Choose. It is completely up to them, and it is their job. Your role is to be the catalyst and guide, to be an example of how to be in control of your life.

Reflect success, joy and excitement back to them and always be an example of positivity. Only visualise the goals and desires your clients want to achieve, no matter what they are currently experiencing. Know that all is well for them and they are simply on their journey to where they want to go, in their time. Remember, we are all eternal beings and we can't get it wrong because we never stop expanding.

If you let go of how and when the results eventuate, and stay in your own power when you are with your client, you will be the most powerful positive influence that you can be for them. The rest is up to each individual.

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