Trekking attracts tourists who don’t mind some thrill and excitement while exploring the beauty of nature. In fact, this adventurous activity has attracted tourists who are expert trekkers as well as those who are newcomer in this field.

By exploring Parker Hallam-My Vacation webpage you can have few interesting trekking idea. Planning such a trip has become quite easy with availability of lots of opportunities. By hiking a mountainous or rugged terrain you can explore the region in a better manner. Rock climbing is a part of trekking which is for strong hearted ones. Trekking offers perfect opportunity to connect with the nature in a better manner. However, you need meticulous planning to make the trekking trip memorable. Gathering detailed information about the trekking route, weather condition, etc. can really help in this regard. Since trekking demands lots of travelling, sometimes in adverse conditions, so a thorough health check up is also necessary before embarking on such a journey. You need to move in high altitudes which often cause respiratory disorders. Hence those with breathing trouble may not attempt such a travel.

There are many exotic trekking routes which has excited tourists from all around the world. Parker Hallam-My Vacation webpage offers interesting details about few breathtaking locations like GR20 in France, Inca Trail in Peru, Himalayas in India, Everest Camp in Nepal, Overland Track in Australia, the Narrows in the USA, etc. The beauty and uniqueness of GR20 lie in its diverse terrain like forests, snow capped peaks, glacial lakes, craters, moonscapes, etc. However, you need to be real careful before venturing out for such a track since rocks are quite steep and slippery. The Everest base camp is loved by trekkers who want to experience the scenic beauty of the region. The Incas is considered the most traversed route which starts with Sacred Valley and goes till Machu Picchu through three high passes.

There are trekking destinations which are not so risky. Parker Hallam-My Vacation webpage explains how to pick out the trekking route if you are a novice in this field. There is the Overland Track which is not that difficult path but offers all the excitement of trekking. The path takes you through through mountainous terrain, deep water lake, Lake St Clair, extensive forests and beautiful waterfalls. Then there is the Narrows in Zion National Park. It is formed by the Virgin River and provides trekkers with the thrill of walking rugged terrains as well as swim through the river at times. This is one trekking trip which can be completed in a day. Many feel that it is more of a leisure trip than an adventure. Depending on the track, a trekking schedule varies e.g. the Haute Route between France and Switzerland takes almost two weeks to complete. However, the route is very exciting and adventurous too.

The success of the trekking depends a lot on proper planning. It is better to consult an expert tour guide if you are not very sure about the location and its topography. This way you will be able to know when you should visit the place and what all tools are needed to be carried. The planning is also very important for safety purposes too.

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