Biological Factors

  • ADHD – If you have a high-energy problem child, have him/her tested for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). If they have it, learn as much as you can about it and change the child's diet to exclude triggers like foods high in refined sugars (sucrose, dextrose), foods containing dyes (kool-aid), and heavily-processed foods.

    Try to avoid drugs like Ritalin as it may make things weird and children won't remember to take it on their own at school. Research says that caffeine will work the same way as both affect children opposite to how they affect adults. It also says that children will grow out of ADHD when their bodies grow more and by the time they are an adult. That's a lot of time spent getting your kid down from the ceiling and a lot of trips to the principal's office.

    Find out what the latest research says and try to wear them out with lots of physical activity and stick with a more natural diet.

  • Worms – If your child is antsy and/or has an itchy bottom get some worm medicine as worms are very common and can be picked up anywhere. They are also contagious, so de-worm the entire family and wash all sheets and bedclothes thoroughly. This should be done on a regular basis with younger kids who play in the dirt a lot.

Emotionally-Charged Atmosphere

One thing to remember about children is that they are very sensitive to the emotions of those around them, especially their parents. If you are going through a stressful time or your home is full of anger and hostility, your children will mirror it all right back to you. As they are ill-equipped to handle it, all they can do is act up.

Your deep-seated emotional problems are not meant for a child to bear as they are defenseless to your strong vibes and they will react accordingly. After a while the child's reactions may become the focus that triggers your bad moods and you take your frustrations out on them. Never direct bad energy towards your child because they didn't start it and they didn't make you feel a certain way, only you did that.

Try it for yourself by visiting someone who makes you feel comfortable and maintain the peacefulness with the child into the room. They will respond to your feelings of contentment just as easily as your feelings of discontent. Many parents try to mask their anger and frustrations with tranquilizers or drugs, but they still look the same to a child as well as many sensitive adults.

Be aware of your state of mind around your children because you could be dumping a load of raw emotion and then wonder why they have such a troubled life.

Be the hero/ine...resolve your problems with therapy or by leaving...protect your children.

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Author's Bio: 

A single parent of one son with a deadbeat dad since 1981. My son and I had a unique relationship in that he treated me more like an older sister than a mother, which allowed us to be friends, but made discipline hard. We've gone through ADHD, father neglect, family interference and jealousies and of course the raging hormones of the teen-age years. He is one of those miracles where I had planned to never have children and got pregnant with protection, but didn't find out until I was 19 weeks along and I had just split up with his father two weeks prior and moved back to my own town. I have almost lost him a few times through a neglectful babysitter when he was three where he was about to be picked up on walking along the highway and a near abduction when he was four while playing in the park.

I still remember the first time I ever felt real love in my life and it was just a few months after he was born, so he truly taught me that.