As parents, we provide the greatest inspiration and positive influence to our children when we act from our place of power. What is our place of power exactly? Our place of power is found in our own alignment -- that place where we feel happy, calm and joyous. It is that place where our vibration is high.

Coaching and mentoring from this place of power helps our children develop in an equally positive manner.

Finding and maintaining our own alignment requires effort, namely when your children display behaviors that threaten to pull you out of alignment.

Making time to keep yourself in alignment is important not only for yourself, but also for your children. When we are happy and aligned we can communicate in a positive, supportive manner with our children rather than from a place of chaos and anger, which as we all know, will only bring back to us more of the same.

We all want our kids to feel loved and supported by us. When we are in our place of power, our children will not only observe our positive mood and our joy. They experience it through our actions towards them. One of the most important things we can do is to spend time with our children. We need to genuinely enjoy the moments when we can listen, share experiences, learn, and observe their joys.

It’s important to listen to their struggles because we are seeing them develop new skills and new confidence in trusting their own IGS (Internal Guidance System).

Developing this positive connectedness with our children is easiest to develop when our children are young, meaning before children enter puberty and begin to feel your questions about their day and their lives. At some point, your questions may seem as though they are simply intrusions on their privacy.

Young children generally welcome positive attention and will gladly answer questions when you ask them how their day at school went or what they did during the day. Young children often take great pride in their accomplishments, and enjoy sharing what they learn.

When you are in your place of power, it is a great opportunity to develop not only communication with your child, but that feeling of care and love you have for them. This allows them to feel valued, protected and confident in your support of them.

Using positive affirmations can help you stay in your own place of power when children are pushing your buttons. Try to focus on the positive things your child is learning or mastering. Find one thing to celebrate about your child. This will help you focus on the joy your children bring into your life and help you to be that positive, supporting parent even when things are not going the way you wish.

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A certified Law of Attraction Life Coach since 2007, Sharon Ballantine offers life coaching and mentoring. After attending the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, Sharon graduated in 2011 from the Four Winds Society-Light Body School of Energy Medicine which was founded by Alberto Villoldo, PhD. TO learn how Sharon Ballantine can help you achieve your goals and the magical life you deserve, please visit