Are you a parent struggling with your children? Consider these tips and parent effectiveness training to get things back on track. You'll want to do this because the last thing anyone needs in life, is extra aggravation from their children. Life is already tough enough. So let's get to some solutions since, as a fellow parent, I know how limited your free time is.

First: This is perhaps the most important tip. You must, from this moment, forget about what has already happened up till now. This refers to a few things, so let us further explain.

What you need to do is throw your hands up in the air. This means to admit that you need some help. Your way of parenting was just not working. Right now, it doesn't matter why things weren't working. The only thing to do now is to make this admission, and then move along!

What is also necessary with letting go and this admission is, that you absolutely must not get down on yourself. And perhaps you already are feeling down about this entire scenario. If you are, that is alright, and it is very normal. There is a reason you are here reading this now, and, you have been through a lot.

However, as long as you keep on doing what you can to change things, you will be able to fight off these feelings. Just reading this article should make you feel better, hopefully!

Second: This second tip is so important. If you are a parent who usually uses harsh parenting methods, you will definitely want to read this. Do you scream or yell at, or berate your kids allot? And it does not matter if they acted out first, or you started screaming first!

Well, cortisol is something that is a result of this yelling and screaming. Cortisol, which is made by the adrenal glands, gets sent to the brain because the screaming causes fear and stress, which causes extra cortisol to be made. If that weren't bad enough, it causes many more bad things.

Initially,the child will become disoriented and is subject to acting out. If they haven't gotten yelled at yet, they will now. Can you see the horrible cycle here? This is where parent effectiveness training would come in handy. This is not all that cortisol does. It gets so much worse!

There are long term effects of this as well. It causes high blood pressure, lowers bone formation, effects memory which impairs learning, and it weakens the immune system. In conjunction with all of this, the yelling and screaming can cause low self-esteem, and the end result is usually increased rates of teenage delinquency and sociopathic thoughts and behaviors.

All the preceding paragraphs have possibly shed some light on why your parenting techniques have been ineffective. However, we still have a dilemma! How do we change all of this? If you are ready to leave the past behind, then...

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