Interested in getting into a high-growth profession? Paralegal jobs are forecasted to grow by as much as 22 percent through 2016. However, the best paralegal jobs are still highly competitive, as is the case in most professions these days. So how do you know if you have what it takes to really make it as a paralegal?

The best paralegals typically share the following personality traits and abilities that really help them on the job. Read on to see if you identify with these traits.

1. Highly Analytical and Curious
A large part of the paralegal role involves research. Paralegals often conduct detailed research and summarize their findings for lawyers. This requires solid analytical skills and an interest in probing deep to get to an answer. In addition, paralegals need to be able to conduct this research quickly and accurately.

2. Self-Starter
A paralegal's work must be supervised by a lawyer. However, the best paralegals get direction and guidance from their supervisor but are able to complete much of the work independently. In the legal field, there's not much time available for "hand holding". Paralegals must be highly organized and must be able to prioritize their time. They need to be self-starters, able to get and stay motivated, even through the most tedious work.

3. Resourceful
The best paralegals do not take "no" for an answer! They are able to think creatively when faced with tracking down obscure information or reluctant witnesses. Individuals who excel as paralegals are the type that look forward to a challenge.

4. Good Communicator
As a paralegal, you will spend your day communicating with others: lawyers, clients, court personnel, witnesses, and so on. You must be adept at communicating often complex information succinctly and clearly. The best paralegals have excellent written and oral communication skills.

5. Thick Skinned
A paralegal career is probably not the best fit for someone that takes criticism personally. To be blunt, lawyers can be very demanding and may not stop to thank you for a job well done. Can you handle this type of environment? How you react to these types of situations plays a big role in whether you'll truly enjoy being a paralegal.

If you match up well with these traits, you may have what it takes to become a great paralegal! And remember, if you find yourself somewhat weak in one or a few areas, these are skills that you can further develop in yourself. Couple these traits with the right paralegal education and training, and you can be well on your way to a great paralegal career.

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