Paradigm shift. Take yourself to the next level. Shift happens!

It’s our biological drive to grow, to learn, to expand, and to “up-level” our paradigm.A paradigm shift takes you to the next level

A larger context of reality is a paradigm shift.

This is a very deep subject, but like climbing a ladder it’s best done one step at a time.

When we only operate in one context or the same reality, even if we are improving our-self within that reality, it’s still the same paradigm.

To create a paradigm shift, we often have to fundamentally change what we believe to be so.

This is not so easy for most people because it’s often uncomfortable to go up against the border of your own reality. I call that the “electric fence” of your paradigm. It’s shocking, it’s not fun (although it could be), and often challenging. However, if you have some training and expectation, you can make it through.

When you hear people say “out of the box”, that’s what they’re talking about. A paradigm shift. The box is their comfort zone. The border on that box is the electric fence.

Einstein said, “we will not solve the problems of today from the same level of thinking we were at when created them”. That’s right. You have to take a look, oversee them from another level. A paradigm shift!

Many years ago in the flying trapeze world, it was believed that the triple somersault could never be done. In the mid 1950′s there were only a few people who could do a triple somersault. Now, most of the great trapeze acts can do triples. And, only recently, a few people attempted and a couple achieved the quadruple.

In 1994 I was working on being the first American catcher to catch the quadruple somersault, and my flyer was working on being the youngest to attempt it also.

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I'll put this link and see:

Pretty cool huh. We came close, but never officially walked away with it.

Now this blog system that you are looking at right now, Peter’s Empower Network Blog, is in itself a paradigm shift.

This system allows you to make 100% commissions directly deposited into your bank.

What makes it a paradigm shift is takes the latest most cutting edge internet marketing funnel, seo, lead generating, landing page converting technology, and makes it available to the newbie, or anyone who is willing to do their 3 step process. For someone to set up this system it would take about three years of training and hard work and thousands of dollars to get started. Actually, you can get all of that here for just $25. Plus training and support. Amazing.

There’s a lot of money on the internet. Internet commerce is growing. It’s up big time. Even the US lags behind in broadband access per capita. So, there’s more and more people coming online. With Empower Network you can begin your blogging and money making from the new paradigm.

For some reason I have become attracted to attract next level, next paradigm stuff.

I know that we are not limited by where we are at now. I can recognize a paradigm shift opportunity when I see one. Oddly enough, most people can’t. They’re stuck at the same level. One of my favorite quotes is, “it’s not that our being exists in a lessor reality, it’s that we haven’t fully recognized the extent of the reality in which we do exist”. — Seth. What’s so deep about that is there’s always a larger paradigm, a larger reality.

I have shown some people the system, and it bounces of their head. They don’t get what the big deal is. That’s because, like the Einstein quote, they’re relating with this groundbreaking system from the same level of thinking they currently have. In other words, it’s useless. Because the value of their current perspective is, essentially, useless. And, folks, I don’t mean this in a bad way. Most of it is not their direct fault.

I’m not saying that if they choose not to use Empower-Network they’re useless. I’m saying that from where there looking, their current paradigm, they cannot distinguish the features and benefits which make it so cutting edge and paradigmatic-ally transcendent.

Probably the number one thing I can say about that, as a generalization, is that what people are dealing with, and it’s out of their conscious purview most of the time, is FEAR!

False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear sucks. It diminishes the quality of people’s lives. Trapeze-Experience, my flying trapeze training company for regular people, provides, in spades, ample opportunity, for personal development, fear transcension, and the ability to produce a paradigm shift on demand.

There’s another relevant and great quote from philosopher Schopenhauer, “Thus the task is not to see what others have not seen, but to think what others have not thought about that which everybody sees”!

So, folks, consider thinking outside of the box. Don’t settle for an ordinary life with less than ordinary results. Reach for your greatness all the time. Take your self to the next level. Create for yourself, a paradigm shift.

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Peter Gold


Author's Bio: 

A University graduate, a celebrated career as a professional trapeze artist, and the recognized leader in N. America for flying trapeze programs, Peter also combines over ten years of training in the art of personal-transformation to the mix.

Now Peter shares his wisdom and abilities developed as trapeze performer, to “empower” individuals to actualize their greatness, and reach their spiritual and material dreams. Specifically mastering Branding, Attraction, Online and Network Marketing.

I'm married to the world's best contortionist and have a cute little baby. I'm passionate about raising the vibration of the planet one relationship at a time. I get paid to help others realize their spiritual and material dreams. It's our birthright to experience abundance and wealth.

I like assisting people getting through the "force-field" of fear. Fear is largely an internal-made-up-experience, not necessarily a truth outside our bodies. It's not that these money making strategies don't work ... it's that with the fear, people cannot manifest the wealth. I help people evolve their personal development and they get paid doing it!