Can panic attacks be stopped? Understanding the causes of attacks can help a great deal when looking for a solution. Although some people may consider a panic attack and an anxiety attack as the same thing, they are actually quite different.

Anxiety in itself is actually very normal. It's our own natural defense system telling us something isn't right. Maybe you're late for an important meeting or you forget that you left the oven on. Believe it or not, it's fine to feel anxious at these times.

People who suffer from Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia are likely to experience panic attacks. These conditions are known as anxiety disorders. Sufferers may find themselves preoccupied with the thought of forthcoming attacks.

The main differences between anxiety and panic attacks are the symptoms and also the intensity. Palpitations, a racing heart and sweating are common symptoms that occur with both attacks. But panic attacks can produce other symptoms such as derealization and depersonalization.

It is very difficult to understand the symptoms of depersonalization since the sensations can be very disturbing and unreal. During an episode a sufferer may feel detached from their body as if watching themselves. Sufferers often report that they felt they were being controlled like a puppet.

Panic disorder sufferers also experience derealization. People who suffer from other mental or physical disorders might also experience this symptom. When a person experiences derealization they feel disconnected from the world. Their environment becomes foggy and distorted like looking through a veil.

Unlike anxiety attacks, panic attacks feel spontaneous and much more severe. Episodes may last for 30 minutes or more. Reoccurring attacks might also happen in a short space of time.

Panic disorder usually develops in adulthood. Although the exact causes of this disorder are unknown it often occurs in people with other mental and physical disorders including depression and insomnia. In addition a person who suffers from a lot of mental stress is more likely to develop mental illnesses.

The chemical changes that occur in the brain and body during an anxiety attack are similar to those of panic attacks. However, sufferers usually report episodes as being completely out of the blue. Attacks may happen even during sleep. Not surprising they are extremely frightening and disturbing experiences.

More importantly however, there is much a sufferer can do to reduce and prevent panic attacks from occurring. Surprisingly there are millions of sufferers out there that have not looked for help. Often this is because sufferers simply do not recognize or acknowledge their condition.

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