Anxiety and panic attacks occur when there is a heightened sense of fear -- usually from the thought of a situation and not the situation itself -- and there are many panic treatments. First, let's examine what panic and anxiety are.

Panic and anxiety are extreme fears about events we are experiencing at the moment or thought to experience in the future, or even past. Sometimes these lead to panic and anxiety attacks and these are not psychological ills. The person experiencing them is not crazy. What these are psychosomatic ills, or to stray away from a negative word like ill, occurrences. Psychosomatic occurrences are simply when somebody's psychological state manifests itself in a physical form. We experience it all the time -- we get scared, we jump back, tense up. We experience and moment of pleasure, our bodies become heavy and relaxed and our mind at ease. Somebody tells us a joke and we laugh and when we are finished, we have a relaxed and semi-euphoric feeling.

One method of panic treatment to help people is CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Simply, our cognition is our thought process or capability for thought. Very often panic attacks come from catastrophic thinking -- this is when you keep thinking of the worst possibility of an event happening. It can range from always thinking of the car crashing when you are in the car to thinking everyday on your way to work that you are going to be fired. Even if you're the driver and the road empty and even though your boss told you yesterday you did a great job. There is an imagined heightened threat.

So CBT comes in by training you to simply not think like that. It is a long process of training, but has great results. Every time you have these thoughts, you reverse or alter them. If you think everyday that you're going to be fired, when you have these thoughts think instead -- No, I won't be fired today. Or I'm not going to get in a car accident.

It is a long process in panic treatment, but it starts in your thinking.

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