Panic Attacks At Night Before Bed: How To Stop Anxiety When You're Falling Asleep

When you have a severe anxiety disorder, it reveals itself in many different ways. One of the most unpleasant ways it rears its head is in the form of "night panic attacks." Essentially, these are any panic attacks that take place when you are either in bed trying to fall asleep, that wake you from sleep, or that strike shortly after you wake in the morning.

No one can be absolutely sure what causes this extremely unpleasant variety of panic attacks, but there are a handful of tips and techniques you can use to significantly reduce and even eliminate night panic attacks from your life.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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The first thing to do is avoid anything stimulating for the final hour before you go to bed. Anything that excites your body or mind close to bedtime has the potential to cause disturbed sleep and night panic attacks. So stay away from things like TV, movies, computers, and anything that taxes your mind at all. Stick to the relaxing stuff like light reading, a shower or a bath, and maybe getting some fresh air if it's not a cold night.

Something else you can do that works great is to get up in the morning the moment you wake up. While you're lying there after waking, your mind has a tendency to wander onto negative things, and this can only lead to increased anxiety. If it helps, leave yourself some kind of job that needs your attention right after you wake up. This way, there's no excuse for you to stay in bed once you're awake.

Following these two tips can work great at reducing or even stopping altogether those highly unpleasant night panic attacks, and I hope you'll give these ideas a shot.

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Anxiety attacks are excruciatingly frightening. But here's the thing; they can't harm you. I will repeat that because it's so important: Anxiety attacks can't harm you. If you take just one thing from my article, then take that. Because this is your crucial first step in how to cure anxiety attacks.

This first step is the foundation on which to treat anxiety / panic attacks naturally, without medications with their nasty side effects. But in order to truly believe that anxiety attacks cannot cause you any harm, you need to understand what causes them in the first place...

The anxiety attack symptoms that you suffer; tightness in chest, shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, tingling extremities, hot / cold flashes, trembling, nausea, dizziness, a feeling that you're detached from reality and a feeling of some impending doom, etc., are caused by your body's own defense mechanism kicking-in...

This is called the body's 'fight or flight' response, which is a very good description of the value that this in-built mechanism has for your safety. And it works something like this...

Your 'sixth sense' suddenly alerts you to something that may be dangerous. So an 'anxiety' signal triggers the brain into setting off a series of chemical reactions. These do things like diverting more blood to the muscles, improving vision, raising heartbeat, and so on.

All this is to help set up your body and mind to be faster, stronger and more alert, i.e. to give you the best chance possible of fighting for your life, or, running away to safety.

Okay, but when you have had your anxiety attacks in the past, there weren't any physical dangers present, right? So, where does your brain get the idea that you're in potential danger?

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Well, your underlying general anxiety is already higher than normal, so all it takes is for you to suffer some stressful event, such as being stuck in rush-hour traffic, to push your overall anxiety levels over-the-top, so that your brain perceives this as you being in danger, and consequently triggers its fight or flight response.

It is as simple as that. Your brain has mistaken your suddenly raised anxiety levels as the signal that you are in danger. It wants to do everything it can to protect you, so doesn't take any chances at all, and triggers its defense mechanism. So you suffer the terrifying symptoms of an anxiety attack.

And this is the second step in how to cure anxiety attacks; knowing what causes them. So know you know why they occur, and, that they cannot harm you. If you didn't know these facts before, you're already in a much stronger position to cure your anxiety attacks naturally, without medication.

To just hammer home the point, try this for me please; try to force yourself to have an anxiety / panic attack. Go on, try as hard as you can. Try again. And again. Do you get the picture now? It is impossible to make yourself have an attack.

So how does this help you? Simple. You've just shown that by accepting panic attacks for what they are, and, meeting them head on with a positive attitude, you can defeat them. Of course, you need more than I can explain in the time available here to take this further. And the first thing is to use what you've learned so far to help you breakout of your 'cycle of anxiety.'

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You don't need mind-numbing medication to get rid of your anxiety attacks. Here, you'll discover that if you eliminate your 'fear' you can get rid of anxiety attacks without resorting to medication.

You see, the thing that is preventing you getting rid of your anxiety attacks is your unconscious or conscious fear of having another attack. It is now known that this very understandable fear is a roadblock to curing your attacks. Your very fear of another anxiety attack can actually trigger one.

It happens simply because your lingering fear is constantly adding to your already very high general anxiety. The resultant 'overall' anxiety level can actually reach such a height of intensity that it is perceived by your brain that you're under some sort of physical threat to life.

When this occurs, your body's own defense response -- called the 'fight or flight' response -- is triggered. The result is that a whole series of mental and physical changes rapidly occur in your body. These changes are brought about in order to help you stand and fight, or, run away. Of course this is an in-built protective mechanism that has been with us since the beginnings of mankind.

But, in a situation where there is no physical threat, and you aren't trying to fight or run away, this manifests itself by producing the horrifying symptoms of an anxiety attack, e.g. trembling, racing heart, fast and shallow breathing, chest tightness, nausea, hot and cold flashes, lightheadedness, detachment, a real feeling of impending doom, and more.

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Now, one way to try to prevent anxiety and anxiety attacks is to take prescribed medication. This approach is generally used by the medical profession to help alter your 'mood' and to 'calm' you. But these drug-based medications have a series of rather unfortunate side effects, including dependency issues, that can put a lot of people off.

But there are many natural ways to get rid of anxiety and anxiety attacks. These include things like deep breathing exercises, self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, counseling, psychotherapy, distraction techniques, support groups, yoga, even acupuncture, etc.

However, it really doesn't matter which route you take. Unless you can banish your in-built fear of another anxiety attack for good, you won't be able to break your anxiety cycle. In it's simplest form this can be described as >>> your general anxiety >>> attack >>> fear of another attack >>> another attack >>> general anxiety >>> attack >>> fear >>> attack >>> and so on and on.

And if you can't break your anxiety cycle it can be very difficult to prevent anxiety attacks, and if you can't prevent those, it makes it even more difficult to cure your general anxiety, which lies at the root of this. So, the idea is to first remove your fear, which helps to prevent further attacks, then you concentrate on curing your general anxiety much more effectively.

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Self help for anxiety can be effective when certain rules are followed. Yes, for anyone suffering from anxiety disorder there is great hope. This condition has been overcome many, many times and there is really no reason why anyone cannot overcome it. This article, lays the ground rules for self help for anxiety.

Start With a Visit To Your Doctor

Rule number one is; get a checkup from your doctor. I know this article is about self-help but when there is any worry or doubt about your physical condition, there is an underlying cause for anxiety. To start on a path that leads to a cure for anxiety there can be no cause for concern about your health. Also, it is common for anyone who is suffering anxiety to be worrying he/she is having a heart attack or a stroke. Only a doctor can tell you there is no cause for concern about these possible conditions.

You're Not Alone

Once you are no longer concerned there is any serious underlying element in your life you can start a program that will lead to the cure of anxiety. At this point, the next step lies in understanding you are not the only one who is suffering from anxiety. Millions of other people are suffering from the same thing you are, right at this very moment. Also important, is the fact that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of others before you have overcome this ailment.

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Next, it is important that you understand that the physical feelings that can scare and upset you when you are anxious are caused by adrenaline. Adrenaline is a part of every mammal's nervous system. It flows in greater amounts in times we are tense. Adrenaline has a viable function in our lives. It is there to make us stronger and faster in times we need to be. However, unless we are a hockey player, we really haven't needed adrenaline to run wildly through our veins since the days our ancestor cavemen ruled the earth.

The Control Issue

In today's world, we usually don't run away or attack. Instead, we have to stay under control. So, when adrenaline is flowing through our system it prepares us to attack, yet our mission is to stay under control. With these two conditions at odds, life's normal anxiety can easily build into an anxiety disorder.

Knowing these facts alone has helped many people escape the maze of anxiety. However, to speed up the process, an anxious person should practice relaxing several times a day. He/she should relax simply by taking five minutes alone and doing a series of deep breathing; slowly exhaling through the mouth. Then, spend just a few minutes visualizing him/herself being cool, calm and collected in every situation which he/she now dreads.

There are instances where this self help method works wonders. However, there is no shame in needing to talk to a medical professional about your condition. Sometimes, a person needs medication to help him/her along for a while. This is because any method used to overcome anxiety takes a certain amount of time to be effective.

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