Sufferers of panic attacks and medical professionals are still trying to achieve the goal of determining the causes of this condition. In piecemeal fashion, the exact mechanism(s) and processes are being put together. There is a large accumulation of existing knowledge regarding symptoms of panic attack as well as documented causes.

It can be misleading to use the term "causes" though, as it does not tell the whole story. Conditions exist that actually cause the misunderstood condition of panic attacks. One theory is that personal alarm or threat interpretation becomes activated during inappropriate conditions. The precise biological processes of why this happens are not fully known. Gaining knowledge of what causes panic attacks is why we have gathered the information below.

The belief that hypersensitivity related to anxiety can be a cause of panic attacks is held by professionals in both the medical and psychological realm. External stressors or anxiety in other people can be more difficult for some people to handle. The connection is that panic attacks are often seen in people who are more sensitive to anxiety.

In this instance, the bodies response to stress and anxiety actually creates and elevated sense of fear. It is in fact interesting to note the contrast with others who are focused on the same environment or external stimuli, that is the stressing event. There is an apparent difference in the psychological component that exaggerates the situation.

There is also a related concept to consider if you are an anxiety sensitive person with a disposition to panic attacks. The tendency to take on a skewed perspective of an external event can be common in some people. Feelings or events internally often will bring about the same reaction for this type of person.

Clinically this condition is termed as "catastrophic misinterpretation". For them, it is commonplace to feel that something will cause extreme problems. Basically, this belief leads to a panic attack, because their thoughts and imaginations get out of hand. Panic attacks and their symptoms then are underscored by the heavy psychological elements and components.

Panic attacks for some people can be triggered externally by unique or highly unusual circumstances. In fact, roughly half of people with panic attack symptoms often claim the same thing. It has been identified for them, that their symptoms can be made worse simply by the quality of the air.

In these instances it is found that an environment that is highly "stuffy" or hot and humid induces more of their attacks. Speculation as well as possible interpretations have been led to by this fact. The truth remains though, that about 50% of people report this to their doctors.

Even though there are many causes of panic attacks that are understood, there are just as many that are not understood. Of course, those who suffer them can have a lot of frustration due to this. If you have not received any treatment of evaluation from a psychologist who specializes in panic attacks, then that is a possible course of action that may offer some help.

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