Milk, lactose and soy are all food allergic reactions. Milk along with soy is immune disorders. Lactose is a digestive disorder. People with these food allergies have to eliminate milk and soy from their diet. The Paleo Diet is milk and soy free. There are terrific recipes that are dairy and soy free but also low fat and low carbohydrates meals.

Milk Allergic Reaction

Milk allergic is a reaction of the immune systems to one or more milk proteins. The immune system produces antibodies to fight the milk proteins. The antibodies produce chemicals in the body that can easily result in dermis, skin rashes, headaches, nausea as well as or wheezing. One most typical allergic reaction that little ones have is milk allergic reaction. In some instances, people that are allergic to cow's milk might possibly allergic to goat milk, sheep milk, buffalo milk as well as soy milk. The most common allergic reaction is to cow's milk. Milk allergic reactions can easily appear in the first 12 months of life.

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is the digestive systems ability to digest lactose. Lactose intolerance and cow's milk allergic reactions are different food intolerance. But both are related to milk. Milk allergy is an immune system disorder while lactose intolerance is digestive disorder.

Soy Allergy

Soy allergic reaction is an auto-immune disorder. Soy allergic reaction is a typical food allergic reaction in infants along with kids. Soy ingredients are common in processed and manufactured food products. Soy is a frequent ingredient in fast food, restaurants, infant formula, cereals and salad dressing. Soybeans are a legume. The soy allergic reaction can extend to other foods in the legume family. Legume consist of,| navy beans, kidney beans, string peas, black bean, pinto beans, chickpeas, garbanzo beans, lentils, carob, licorice, as well as peanuts. Soybean allergies along with peanut allergic reactions are common. Many Chinese foods contain soy ingredients.

Foods Containing Soy:
- Soy Milk
- Soy Flour
- Baked Goods containing peanuts, peanut oil
- Processed pastry, bread, crackers, cakes, rolls.
- Natural soy cereals
- Processed cereals
- Soy pasta
- Soy beans
- Soybean sprouts
- Processed sauces or gravy
- Salad dressing
- Mayonnaise
- Margarine and butter substitutes.
- Processed deli meats
- Soy generally preservative.
- Heinz ® Worcestershire sauce
- Lea & Perrins ® sauce
- miso
- shoyo sauce
- tempeh
- textured(TVP)
- tofu

No foods with soy or dairy allowed in Paleo Diet.

Paleo food lists for cow's milk alternatives:
- Almond Milk: Contains calcium, lactose free and contains a host of vitamins and mineral. Almond milk is unsaturated fats and plant based.
- Coconut Milk: Contains calcium, lactose free and contains a host of vitamins and minerals. Coconut milk is saturated fats and plant based.
- Hazelnut Milk: Lactose free and contains host of vitamin and mineral. 75% unsaturated fats and approximately 04% saturated fats.

Cook Paleo and enjoy your favorite dishes dairy, soy, gluten and preservative free. Mother Natures Diet Recipes macro-nutrition for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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