Enjoy Paleo Bread Recipes that are gluten, dairy and soy free. Article has Paleo friendly wheat flour alternatives and dairy alternative foods. Strawberry Sweet Bread Recipe Bon Appetite.Bread is not the center piece of a meal but the absence of bread can leave a void. History suggests primal bread was made approximately 8,000 year ago. Depictions of bread and bread harvests in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Bakers were noted with a certain level of prestige in during the Roman Empire. Baker’s families were not allowed to leave the Baker’s Guild. During the famine in medieval England bread prices were kept affordable for the citizens. In the late 19th century white bread was made affordable to the general public. The majority of bread is made with wheat but what is the bread alternative for people that are wheat intolerant. Approximately 1 in 133 people are wheat intolerant or suffer from Celiac Sprue Disease. Paleo Diet Recipes are wheat free, dairy free and soy free and there are wheat and dairy alternatives in the Paleo Diet that enables those that maybe wheat/gluten intolerant and dairy intolerant to enjoy delicious wheat free bread with every meal.

Paleo Wheat Flour Alternatives:
• Almond Flour
• Coconut Meal/Flour
• Flax Seed Flour

Note: Amaranth, Buckwheat and Quinoa are not grains considered pseudo-grains. Amaranth, Buckwheat and Quinoa do not come from grasses but seeds from green leafy plant. Amaranth, Buckwheat and Quinoa are gluten free. Because their seeds have more starch than other seeds they are considered pseudo-grains. For the strict Paleo Diet they are not allowed.

Paleo Cow’s Milk Alternatives:
• Almond Milk
• Coconut Milk
• Hazelnut Milk

Paleo Bread Recipes are back to Mother Nature Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Soy Free bread recipes. Wheat flour alternatives that are not synthetic or artificial but natural Paleo wheat flour alternatives.

Strawberry Sweet Bread Recipe
Raw Food Bread Recipe

-1 cup raw cashews
-1 cup Twister Sprouted Omega Blend
-3/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
-2 cups strawberries, chopped
-2 cups zucchini, chopped
-2 teaspoons ginger powder
-1 1/4 teaspoons vanilla extract
-1 teaspoon orange peel powder (optional, but yummy!)
-1/2 teaspoon Himalayan crystal salt
-1/4 teaspoons tevia powder (optional)
*Available at MountainRoseHerbs.com

- Grind the cashews to a fine grind using a blender or food processor (fitted with the "S" blade). Transfer to a large bowl. Add the Twister powder to the bowl and stir to mix the ingredients. Blend the remaining ingredients together using a blender. Transfer the blended mixture to the bowl with the cashew/Twister ingredients, and stir thoroughly to mix. Loosely cover the bowl with a piece of paper towel (or cloth towel), and let it sit on your counter for 2 hours.
- Spread all of the bread dough on a dehydrator tray lined with a non-stick Paraflexx sheet. It should be about 10" x 10" with a height (or thickness) of about 1/2".
- Dehydrate at 135 degrees for one hour. Reduce the temperature to 105-110 degrees and continue dehydrating another 8-10 hours.
- Flip the bread onto a tray that is not lined with a Paraflexx sheet. Gently peel off the current sheet of Paraflexx being used. Continue dehydrating 10-12 hours. Cut the bread into desired size pieces and continue dehydrating another 1-4 hours, or more, depending on desired dryness. The goal is not to dry the bread completely if you want it like a soft bread. Strawberry Sweet Bread will stay fresh when stored in an airtight container in your refrigerator for up 5 days.
Serving suggestion:
Serve with a nut or seed butter.
Provide: Kristen Suzann - Kristen's Raw

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