Love marriage was considered to be a taboo in the orthodox Pakistani society. When a girl showed her interest in any man for marriage it was considered to be immoral. Sometimes they were threatened or even killed during this phase of showing interest in some person. While it still happens in the backward areas occasionally, but in modern cities and societies of Pakistan arrange marriage is being accepted more easily. There can be many reasons for that which includes happiness of the children, less burden on the parents, support from the religion and taking the responsibility for domestic issues.
Happiness of the Children
People have easy access to social media and news. Newspapers are filled with the news of domestic violence, abusive rishtay and divorces. When parents see this news they are a bit afraid because they don’t know what will happen to their kids after marriage. When they see the love marriage proposal, they assume that their children will not suffer from these issues. Avoiding this pain is the key factor why parents are tilting towards their love marriage and they don’t object to their kid’s choices for the sake of their happiness.
Less Burden on Parents
While searching for arranged marriage, parents have to actively seek suitable families and they have to provide dowry as per the norms of culture. But when parents see the proposal of love marriage, they find that other families don't want dowry. It releases the immense pressure and burden from the shoulders of the parents. Due to this ease, Pakistani society is accepting the love marriage trend.
Support from Islam
One of the main thing which children highlights while convincing their parents for love marriage is that in Islam it is allowed that person can select the spouse. When elders clearly see that it is allowed in the religion and it is contributing towards the happiness of their children, they agree on the love marriage proposal.
Taking Responsibility
When two people decide to get married, they take full responsibility for their lives. As everybody is aware that marriage is not as easy a road, in traditional culture couples blame their parents. But when couples do love marriage, they are responsible completely for their own life and problems. Families from both the sides are relieved or less blamed for the issues that occur in the marriage.
Compatibility and Freedom
Another factor for acceptance of Love marriage is compatibility and freedom. Both partners understand each other and know what others want. Moreover, they are psychologically empowered and free. As a result, they can live quite meaningful lives which can influence both the families. Overall quality of life is improved for both families.
Less Compromises and pressure of society
In love marriage, spouses know each other well and they communicate their values already indirectly or directly. As a result, they have to make fewer compromises as compared to arrange matchmaking in which compromises have to be made by keeping the pressure of the society in the mind. Due to above these factors and ease, Pakistani society is not that much strict towards love marriage and is accepting it these days.

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