No doubt, Tennis is not famous as Cricket or any other game in Pakistan but it’s surprising enough for tennis lovers, as Caltex has announced first Pakistan open championship for the year 2010. The latest tennis news confirmed that this outstanding event will take place on the 25th of December the PTF Complex.

PTF would like to express gratitude the administration for endowing PTF to contain the event, as stated by the President of the federation. He furthermore supplemented that it would assist PTF to find out and endow junior players in the homeland to completely discover and elaborate their potential.

Moreover, this glorified Championship will be performed in five classes, men’s records, men’s doubles, female records, juvenile under-18 records and young men under-14.
Similarly, for the advancement of this sport, a unique four-year design will shortly be put in activity for the advancement of tennis in the country. The federation furthermore designs to find and heritage gifts at the grassroots grade to hone it to worldwide standards. Obviously, if Pakistan is able to follow the international standards in this field, than it’s not hard to train the young generation in the respective field.

Definitely the main objective is to search the concealed gifts to make it a well liked game of Pakistan, as its well admired all over the world, whether it’s tennis betting or some mega event fanship. Even this sport can be sponsored on a very massive level if a proper launching pad is provided.

Like a good sponsor, the federation is also planning to charter trained advisers in alignment to polish the gifts of budding players who were involved in honing their abilities, in supplement outclass professional players would furthermore be conferred for proposals and guidance.

Like these most important factors and essentials for the betterment of the game, the federation is also indented to launch a comprehensive website to support it properly. Definitely, the website will revise players and followers with the newest data and happenings in the world of this sport. Moreover the main focus will be to promote it in Pakistan and address some serious issues related to it.

In recent tennis news the President also stated that four juvenile players would be taking part in the upcoming event of under-14 championships next year in Myanmar. No doubt the country like Pakistan has no such scope for tennis betting yet, but it’s good if this sport evolved in record level.

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