Ideally everyone is aware of paint. Technically speaking paint is a liquid substance which solidifies when applied to a substrate. It actually converts to an opaque solid film. Paints are used globally to give colour, texture and protect objects, buildings, offices and houses.

Humans have used paints of different forms since last 4,000 years. During those times, metals, oxides, charcoal were used for paintings. Wall paintings and cave paintings were the form of communication in that Homo sapiens era. In the modern age, paints are actually emulsions which are used to paint the interior and exterior of the surfaces of concrete walls. Paints are applied after the application of primer, which is a preparatory temporary coating on the walls. It ensures adhesion and durability of the paint to the walls.

Roof painting has been a research topic since many years. The results are affirmative that painting the roof with white or light colours help to reduce the effect of global warming. Roof paints absorb the energy coming from the sun and reflect the energy. If the paints for roof are light in colour, energy gets reflected back absorbing very less amount. Also the colour white reflects the sunlight back, which reduces the energy consumption, leading to reduced amount in bills. It helps to reflect back ultra violet radiation coming from the space and give a cool roof. Roof paints are thus very effective to protect and conserve the green fundamentalists’ ethics. Apart from paint used in roofs, different texture coating systems are very prevalent these days for purposes of waterproofing etc. Texture coating system sustain more than normal paints and give hue, light and dark tones, embossed look to the walls. It gives a live feeling than normal paints. The durability in texture paints in more than other normal paints.

The perils paints face is: dilution, contamination, peeling / blistering, chalking, cracking and erosion.

The main reasons of failure of paints are the improper surface, intense environmental conditions and applicator of the paint. The paint used now days are water proof. Water proofing means the object is resistant to the effects of water. Used for environments of wet climates and under water objects, water proofing objects are mostly unaffected by water or resists the ingress of water.

The products are thin plastic membranes which is a combination of low pigment volume content and high resin concentration. It provides hard adhesion to the substrate and the paint applied on it. Waterproofing base is used for roofs, water tanks, walls and wet areas.

The paints have hazardous effects too who come in constant contact with it because of volatile of concentration particles involved in the liquefied substance. The compositions of some paints included mercury which is now banned in most countries.Texture coating is like giving an outer dress to your walls so that they look more elegant for a longer duration. Before beginning with the roof paint and texture coating, it is important to render the walls to create a finish in pleasing textures.

With textured coating, water proofing, and roof paints, the paints are one thing which actually fill colours in our lives.

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