You might not know but a simple activity of painting by numbers is not just a current trend. It is, in reality, a century-old therapeutic art activity recommended and appreciated by psychologists for the numerous psychological health benefits. Don’t just think it is way too immature or lacks creativity because it is one of the most distressing and relaxing activities that can save you from depression and anxiety.
Art has the power to release neurotransmitter dopamine in your brain, thus it helps in lighten up your mood and boosting your focus. While there are many benefits of Paint by numbers, our list comprises of 5 psychological benefits which keep your mental health balanced. Read on and make paint by number a routine activity so you stay creative and sane.

Decline in Anxiety Level with Painting [Survey]:

According to 2005 research survey, people who painted mandalas felt less anxious and stressed than those who did not. Painting is the way to make one forget about his/her worries for a limited time and feel delighted in playing with colors. It is true that painting is not a piece of cake for everyone but with paint by numbers it is now a possibility for you to let go of your anxiety and de-stress yourself from the worries.

Painting by Number: Modern Form of Meditation:

It is a well-known fact that meditation helps in keeping your depression in check. Painting is one form of meditation whereby you stay focused on numbers and paint accordingly. Therefore, like meditation, this simple activity keeps your mind clear of the unnecessary depression and helps you stay focused.

Carl Jung and Painting Prescription:

As strange as it may sound to you, the reality is Carl Jung a famous psychologist of his time, suggested Painting as Prescription to anyone suffering from severe depression and stress. Like him, psychologists believe that people who often have disturbed thoughts should paint. With paint by number kits, it is way too easy for anyone to paint away their worries.

Cure to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders:

Are you suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder? Do you often feel emotionally vulnerable and mentally disturbed? If this is the case with you then paint by numbers is one of the ways to cure your disorders. That is because, though simple, it has many tiny, fragmented parts which are to be painted. Catering to this minute details, helps one in keeping a close eye on the print, thus keeping negative thoughts at bay.
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Creative Way to Deal with PTSD:

If you have recently suffered from the trauma then you know it gets really difficult to get out of it. But, of course, there are ways to ease your pain. Painting is one such way which can help deal with your PTSD and stress, the reason being it helps in relieving your amygdala. Amygdaloid is responsible for our emotional behavior. With painting, your amygdala calms down, which in return makes you feel a lot calmer and relaxed.

These are some of the best benefits which cannot be ignored therefore make it a habit to give some time to this harmless activity so that your psychological health will remain intact. On average 60000 thoughts are thought by an individual, out of these almost 57000 thoughts are same every day! Painting is the best way to let go of your daily boring thoughts and relive once again. So, get your hands on the Paint by Number Kits right away and start relieving your emotional pains and sufferings.

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