Paint brush is one of the main tools required by an artist to display his creativity and skill. There are many kinds of brushes available that help an artist to exemplify his talents. As there are a variety of brushes, it is important to know the exact the type of brush required to paint. Brushes vary from small, big, square, filbert, rigger, mop and so forth.

Different Types of Paint Brush

Today artist are hoarded with a variety of choices in terms of brushes. Basically paint brush is made of two types of materials- synthetic and natural. Both these materials can include stiff as well as soft bristles which vary according to the type of materials used for manufacturing the bristles. An artist requires an array of these brushes to suit different painting requirements.

The brushes made of nylon are called synthetic brushes are quite inexpensive compared to the natural brushes. These brushes have wooden or plastic handles. The bristles of the natural brushes are made of horse hair or hairs of other animals and are very expensive compared to the synthetic brushes. The natural brushes have a number of unique features such as ability to hold the paint, durable and strong and so forth. Most of the artists prefer to use natural paint brush as it gives excellent results.

Artist brushes also vary in size and shapes so it is important to choose the right one. Some artists require a number of brushes to paint a single canvas. The flat brushes are flat in shape and are appropriate for filling areas with broad strokes. Among the flat brushes, you can find brushes with different sizes and widths too.

The filbert brush is another variety of brush that is commonly used by most of the artists. It is a blend of both round and flat brush. With its unique shape, most of the beginners find it easy to paint with this brush as it is possible to acquire many different shapes.

The round brush is one of the most essential brushes that should be chosen by almost all the artists. It is considered the traditional paint brush that is chosen by most of the beginners.

The Fan brush is yet another amazing variety of brush that appears like a fan with thin bristles that appear from the centre. Used for blending colors, these brushes are mainly used by expert artists.

The Mop brushes are suitable for painting with water colors and it can hold plenty of paint in it. Different brushes can be used for different painting purposes.

Caring For the Paint Brush

Besides choosing the right type of brush it is also important to care for your paint brush so that it lasts longer. Washing your brush with a mild soap and water is quite necessary. If you use oil based colors, it is important to wash your brush in turpentine. Keeping your brush dry is equally important by wiping it with a soft tissue.

A variety of brushes are available online at affordable rates but it is important to know which brush you require to paint your canvas.

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