Basic idea of moles

Most of the people do find moles to be unwanted. This is why, most people are looking for ways to eradicate them.

Almost everybody has moles. They are generally dark or brown in color. Moles may arise on any part of the body. Some cultures treat them as beauty marks, if located on specific spots. Moles are harmless in nature. These are skin lesions containing nevus cells. According to the search conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology, the majority of moles appear during the first two decades of a person's life, while about one in every 100 babies is born with moles.

Sufferings due to moles:

We find some people suffering from inferiority complex and low self-confidence due to presence of moles. They do not feel easy to mingle and gel up with other people. There are many people, who find them irritating.

Solutions for mole removal at home:

There are number of things you can perform for mole removal at home. They are very easy to do. They are all painless.

The simplest of all is to apply apple cider vinegar. You can apply it before you go to bed. It works whole night and gives expected results. For quick results, apply it 4-5 times during a day.

Everyone knows how honey can act as an acne remover. Honey works very effectively to help get rid of moles. Application of honey on the skin area, which is affected by moles is really proven to be good. All you have to do is apply it 3-4 times a day. For fast result, it is advisable to mix honey with flaxseed oil before rubbing on the skin.

Rubbing fresh pineapple on the skin would definitely help.

Have you ever thought of using the cauliflower? You will be surprised. It works good. It is easy to heal the skin affected by moles, using cauliflower juice. The only thing you would be need to do is to apply a few drops of it's juice throughout the day.

Try rubbing the crushed garlic on the skin for eradication of moles. You need to be patient enough, if you opt for natural remedies, since they take time of their own. Slowly mole vanishes. Most of the people think that natural remedies are definitely better. They are not wrong. Natural remedies do not pose any threat and cause side effects normally.

No matter what, you should avoid the option of cutting moles. Don't ever consider using clipper for rippeing it off. It may cause skin wounds. Cutting moles will give you scars. Furthermore, it can give you infection.

Medicines for mole removal:

The field of medical science has been greatly developed. There are many over the counter medicines available for this problem. But you might find them a bit expensive. No matter what you use, prior consultation with the doctor is very important.

Surgery for mole removal:

People may find surgical procedures to be costly and even hurtful. It is correct. In fact, surgery is not required in all cases. Not all moles are cancerous. They are not risky.


I sincerely hope that this article proves to be useful in helping you get rid of moles. So just go ahead with it.

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