Some of us don't even need the weatherman to tell us that rain is on its way. Sensitive to wet climate, those who suffer from joint discomfort may be able to better forecast precipitation than the typical weather report!

This year, in stark contrast to the usual dry summer heat, parts of America have received an unusual number of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. If you suffer from painful joints, a damp climate may cause joints to flare up and make the weather even more difficult to endure. Some of us may not be able to report to work due to joint discomfort and find ourselves at home, on a rainy day, nursing our joints back to good health. But for many of us, work cannot be avoided. Trips to the supermarket and the regular activities of daily existence need to carry on.

What happens to joints during rainy weather?

One of America's leading joint health specialists, Dr. Javad Parvizi of Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital says, "The phenomenon of people being able to forecast precipitation, especially rain, due to the level of their joint pain is real. It is not in the patient's head. There is science to back it up."Joints contain baroreceptors, which are sensory nerves that react to low barometric pressure-an indication of rainfall. Those who suffer from joint discomfort, have less cartilage, and therefore experience pressure fluctuations more easily in their joints. That is why a slight change in weather may result in inflammation and joint aches.

What can we do? Help! "Pain, pain, go away!"

Is there relief for painful joints?

Yes! Immediate relief can be found in pain-relieving creams which contain capsaicin, an Food and Drug Administration approved pain-relieving ingredient. When applied topically, capsaicin penetrates straight into the joint, providing quick analgesic relief for hours.

Capsaicin is an active compound found in capsicum. Conclusive research studies show that capsaicin works in the nerves and can help to deaden joint pain for hours after application. Care must be taken to apply only the amount of dosage indicated and wash hands thoroughly after application.

On rainy days, keeping your joints warm may help to alleviate the pain. Massaging them with herbal ointments may also help. Other remedies that may help to ease joint pain include a hot bath and gentle exercise.

In addition, nourishing joints through specific joint supplements nutrients and herbs are known to strengthen cartilage and maintain proper functions of the joints. They help to support joint health, long term. Nutrients like glucosamine sulfate, Interhealth collagen type II, Hyal Joint, Green lipped Mussel extract and MSM along with herbs like boswellin, white willow bark and curcumin C3 have been well studied for their role in supporting joint health.

Choosing the Right Joint Health Supplement

When looking for a joint health supplement, look for one which contains the right combination of nutrients and herbs, either formulated by a physician or approved by a physician. This helps you know that the product has scientific backing. You should also verify the efficacy of ingredients through reliable sources on the Internet. Look for Food and Drug Administration approved ingredients, like capsaicin, in topical analgesic creams for times when you need quick pain relief.

A product, like GoFlex, is physician-approved and contains nutrients and herbs that effectively support joint health. In addition, the capsaicin-based topical cream can provide quick relief from painful joints, especially on rainy days, when you can't afford to sit at home! GoFlex is recommended by Tommy John, well-known baseball player who, at 64, can still keep up his batting practice, come rain or shine, with the help of GoFlex!

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GoFlex is a scientifically-based, physician-approved joint health supplement containing herbal and natural nutrients that specifically support vital joint functions for maintaining mobility and flexibility. GoFlex includes a joint health supplement and joint pain relief cream containing an FDA-approved ingredient for fast-acting joint pain relief.