Any type of pain can be burdensome to you or your family members. Neck and back pains can make you unable to accomplish even the most essential things in your life. Additionally, advanced pains in the neck can prevent you from sleeping soundly. You can remedy the situation by visiting a specialist of neck and back pain in Mason.  Effective treatments will improve your quality of life and help you regain freedom.

What causes neck and back pains?

Many factors can influence the nerves in your neck or back region. Injuries are some of the biggest reasons you have neck or back pains. However, an extended stay at a desk or sleeping in the wrong position at night can increase your chances of having neck issues. Diseases also play a role in neck and back issues, as degenerative conditions play a huge role in neck and back pains. Other causes of neck and back issues include:

  •         Sciatica
  •         Osteoarthritis
  •         Traumatic injuries
  •         Car accidents
  •         Compressed nerves
  •         Overuse injuries
  •         Aging
  •         Spinal stenosis

You could also develop neck and back issues when you extensively maintain a poor posture or gain excess weight. Elite Physical Medicine offers many treatments that will help prevent an adverse issue with neck and back pain.

What other symptoms can you get from neck and back pain?

Neck and back pains can develop into other issues. With neck pain, you will experience symptoms such as shooting, aching, or stabbing pains. Tingling sensations might also dominate your back regions with pains that radiate from the back to the legs.

Back and neck pains can lead to issues such as:

  •         Postural imbalance
  •         Muscle tension
  •         Headaches
  •         Decreased function
  •         Limited mobility

Another adverse symptom you may experience with prolonged pain include intermittent pain that seems to improve and reappear during activities and rests.

How does a doctor diagnose your neck issues?

Elite Physical Medicine offers state of the art treatments to remedy your issue. Firstly, you will receive an extensive examination that will determine the cause of your pain. Your doctor will refer to your medical history to carry out the extensive examination.

Elite Physical Medicine providers will ask you to move your joints in a certain direction to examine and determine the right treatments. Additionally, your doctor will have to understand the strength of your muscles for further treatment and diagnosis.

How a Doctor Treats Your Neck and Back Pain

Your unique symptoms will help your doctor come up with customized treatments and methods for you to improve. Elite Physical Medicine doctors work closely with you to create a personalized plan to restore mobility and relieve any pain. You will have to include your lifestyle and occupation information for your doctor to help you shift to better habits. Elite Physical Medicine offers integrated plans that include:

  •         Chiropractic adjustments
  •         Regenerative medicine
  •         Massage therapy
  •         Therapeutic exercise
  •         Nerve blocks

Your doctor will take you through three treatment programs for affectivity and long-term relief. The first procedure will include immediate pain relief medicine. Secondly, your doctor will offer structural healing procedures and, lastly, ongoing maintenance.

Relive the happy pain-free days by having pain-relieving procedures by Elite Physical Medicine. Book a spot through the website or call the office today.

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