When we feel lot pain in our legs for continous time then that is called as restless leg syndrome(RLS). It occurs mainly during the early evenings or late in the evenings.Due to severe person cannot sleep and which results in insomnia. The increasing pain in leg will result in the arms pain. So, to avoid it we have varios types of treatments and various medications available. The most commonly used is mirapex. It is used to treat the the restless leg syndrome(RLS). If by any chance we have missed the dose than there is no need to take extra medicine to cope up. skip that dosage and take next one.

We should take some measures before taking mirapex. Those who have blood pressures,drink
alcohol, feeding mothers, kidney diseases and the one who are allergic.It helps to treat depression and its very effective. the effect of mirapex is very fast but if its not affecting after 3 hours than we need to consult the doctor.

But, we should keep in mind tht it lead to falling asleep without any notifications. This problem result in mazor accidents, hallucination(in which person sees those things which is nowhere), happens commonly in elder, quicker impulse, mausea, slight headache, drowsiness, weight gain and high blood pressure. So,its necesarry to con, blurred vision, swelling in hands and feet,feeling weak and tired. So, we should need to consult the doctor first before taking mirapex.

The pregnant ladies of category C by the FDA can consume mirapex but it has been detected that
the particles of mirapex is found in milk of nursing mothers so we can say that they should avoid it else it can result in severe results for their infants.

So. in a nutshell i can say that Mirapex has lot of pros and cons so proper presciption and
consulation is required before its consumption so that it can help the patient.

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