Websites are developed or designed according to the requirements of clients. Requirements vary from client to client. If we go through any websites whether it's service or education or eCommerce websites or any informative sites some of the pages are still common on them. What is the purpose of these pages?

Elaborating common pages, we get,   

A website should have seven essential pages. Each page will help to elaborate the business. Here’s our list of the vital web pages all websites should have.

What web pages should to put into the business website? Creating or developing a website for the first time can be tricky because there are just so many little details to think about, the layout, the images, the text, the list goes on!

A successful website should have all the essential pages to present information in the best way possible.



This is the first page that viewers see when anyone searches for a particular website. The homepage should look good; it should be informative and engaging, as it is the most traffic web page on the website

The homepage starts with a hero image (the main image that tells the brand story) and a tagline. The tagline should describe “who you are, what you do, and who you do it for”.

The homepage should also introduce featured services or products, a short bio, some testimonials, an image slide of the main products. The footer or the bottom of the homepage should outline the business or owner's contact details, business hours, and social media profiles.



Next page after homepage, in terms of traffic generation, the about us page is second after the homepage. People go here to learn more about the website’s business, so present all the information in an engaging manner.

This page can be elaborated by giving a short history of the company, business manner, and whatever achievements that company has received. Highlight the company’s mission and values and add some fun facts about business, products, or services. Can also include, features of the company or business team to make the business or company more relatable to clients.


This page helps to attract potential clients in the first place. The product and services page should describe all the goods and services offers. For product-based businesses, it should feature product descriptions, product images, and the offer. For service-based businesses, it should outline the services, pricing plans, and offers, according to the requirement.

It can also be done by consolidating all the product or service information into one page so that customers don’t have to dig too deeply into the website to find what they are looking for. A short description, a clear call to action, and a “buy now” are a must to nudge potential customers into completing a purchase.


The website has contact details at the bottom, but to make it more organized there is a need for a dedicated webpage for contact details. It just makes things more organized for the website’s potential customers. Generally, it includes business email, phone number, address, and business hours. Even it also has an inquiry form for any query, FAQs, or something else.


This page is perhaps the most important page on a website because, privacy policy outlines how the website collects, share or store the data of customers or clients.


Offering the best customer service includes providing answers to frequently asked questions. It saves viewer’s time by outlining all the common questions about the business, products, or services and delivering the answers on one dedicated website page.

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