Packing is one of the most important jobs in relocation. It is also a time taking job and needs lots of care and attention. To properly pack all the home stuffs you will also needs some good quality packing supplies. Cardboard boxes, wrapping sheets, bubble wrappers, cushioning materials, fixing tapes and dispenser, moving blankets and labeling markers are the most commonly used supplies that you must need in packing of households stuffs. So before start packing of your home stuffs, first purchase all these supplies from any reputed shop. Some important packing tips are following that will make packing of your valuable home stuffs safe and easily manageable.

Start your packing enough time before so that you can complete the task on time. First pack your less useful items like winters clothes, blankets, quilts if you are going to move in summers and summer’s stuffs in you are going to shift in winter season. Your delicate items like china glassware, small electronics and mirror stuffs are very weak and easily breakable so that take special care of such kinds of stuffs and pack them appropriately. Use bubble wrappers to cover such kinds of delicate stuffs and group them in suitable size of cardboard boxes. Pack these boxes with good quality tapes and mark as “fragile”. Take their special care during the whole relocation.

Pack large electronics in their original cardboard boxes because they are specially designed for shipping purpose. Remove their fixtures and group them in appropriate size of cartons. After that, pack them in original or same size boxes with padding stuffs. Dissemble large furniture as much as possible and use thick moving blankets with rubber pads to cover them. It will save your valuable furniture from several damages and scratches during transportation.

At the last, pack your stuffs that you will need first on your new living place like some useful utensils, night clothes, daily use medicines, towels, mobile phone charges, etc in an appropriate size of box and mark it as “First Open Box”. Ensure that the box will unload at the last over goods transporter so that you can get it at first at your new living place. Collect all precious and personal use stuffs like jewelry, plastic money cards and other precious stuffs in plastic bag and move it by self instead of placing with all other stuffs on goods carrier.

These are the some important tips that will make your packing safe and optimize. If you are going to shift you home stuffs to a new place and want to pack your goods by self, please follow these simple but useful tips. It will make your pack safe and easily manageable.

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Kundan Singh is a transportation industry expert. Now he is working with a leading Packers Movers Allahabad based agency as packing manager.