If you’re heading on a romantic weekend away with your partner, then it can be hard not to plan and create an itinerary of romantic things for the both of you to do. There’s no need to spend weeks planning your idea of a perfect trip, or trying to persuade (or bribe) the hotel staff to scatter rose petals on your bed in the shape of a heart and leave a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket. Whilst these things are nice, getting away and just spending time with one another is much better than stressing over the small details. One thing you should plan, however, is what you should pack. Here are some packing essentials for your romantic weekend away.

The right lingerie can make you feel amazing and much more confident. Pack different sets that are suitable for the day and night, and you’ll feel confident all day long. Choose a material that feels right for you, such as lace or silk, and make sure that it fits correctly. A beautiful set of lingerie paired with a figure-hugging silk gown will set the romantic tone for the evening, for both you and your partner.

A spritz of perfume will change your outfit and mood in seconds. If you have a special scent that you both associate with special occasions, such as your wedding night or another romantic weekend away, then this is a packing essential. Trying out new scents for a weekend away is also a great idea, as you will then associate that scent with your trip. You can get perfume samples from most department stores and fragrance stores.

If you’ve booked a spa weekend, or are more likely to spend your time relaxing together, then a loungewear set is a must-have. Women’s loungewear is much more stylish than the typical hoodies-and-sweats combination from the past, think fitted styles, cute designs and more lace detail. Even when your dressed in you’re comfortable wear, you can still feel amazing.

A ‘Date Night’ Outfit
What better way to spend time together during your romantic weekend away by indulging in dinner and drinks at a beautiful restaurant. There’s nothing worse than feeling underdressed at a restaurant, so pack a nice outfit that you feel good in, whether it’s your fanciest dress or a pair of jeans and a nice blouse.

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