Drinking pure water is an essential requisite for the proper functioning and healthy working of the body. Packaged drinking water is any day a safe bet when it comes to purity, reliability and affordability. Seeing the growing demand for such mineral water many companies are cashing on the popularity of such purified water and have set up Packaged Drinking Water Plant. There are lots of reputed and renowned companies which have expanded their business in manufacturing and selling purified or distilled mineral water. The entire purification step takes place in the mineral water plant or water softening plant.

The mineral water is later packaged and bottled with a sealed cap. Any breakage or leak in the seal will lead to the tampering or contamination of water. It is a mandatory norm for all the mineral water producing companies to abide by the set standard norms and regulations related to the manufacture of such packaged drinking water. There are various steps that are involved in the manufacture of mineral water in a Packaged Drinking Water Plant. These pet mineral water bottles are priced according to the size or litre of water it holds.

A Packaged Drinking Water Plant has to comply with all the existing and changing regulations in future. The mineral water plant makes sure that the water is well purified and free of water-borne germs, diseases or contamination. The main motto lies in producing safe drinking water rightly packaged using the right technology for target consumers, group or business. It is very important to determine the steps that need to be taken for water purification in accordance with its requirement. Water analysis and water sampling are some of the steps that are used in the production of such packaged drinking water.

Water softening plant involves similar processes for removal or reduction of calcium, magnesium and the presence of other metals or constituents in hard water. This process is only applicable when the water is considered to be hard. It is mainly done to reduce the solubility and presence of other calcium, magnesium, toxic elements like lead or copper. There are various other factors that determine the right water treatment process which is again dependent on the source of raw water, flow of water and amount of effluents present in the water. Thereby it becomes easy to choose a water treatment process only after detailed study on the water type.

There is no one technology that can free the water of all type of contamination. So most mineral water plant, choose to integrate the best of all technologies only to cleanse the water of all impurities. This includes water filtration of iron, manganese elements or that which takes the help of sedimentation along with filtration to deliver high quality water.
Removal of impurities through clarification, filtration, multi-barrier clarification are the steps that to derive safe and pure drinking water. The quality of packaged drinking water is marked by the ISI trademark specification which is like IS14543:1998 while that of mineral water is IS13428:1998. This s considered as the benchmark for qualifying as a standard and approved mineral water manufacturer.

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