Music has the ability to speak to your soul. The different genres affect your moods in different ways. People listening to Jazz would prefer a calm environment while rock, rap, and pop are common choices during an exercise regime. These are all, however, longstanding genres of music. One of the relatively newer types of music that have swept away the nightlives throughout the globe is EDM.

EDM is an electronic form of music mostly played in clubs and parties due to its upbeat nature. DJs in these clubs usually use mixers and turntables to create this kind of music. In London, there are a lot of exceptional DJs adding flavor to the city’s nightlife. One of these DJs— P Tee Money—has, however, distinguished himself as one of the best in the game.

P Tee Money is a pro when it comes to creating music. In fact, he has made several hit singles of his own including “Attention”, “No Sweat”, “Good Time”, and many more. He has also composed multiple albums like “I’m not afraid”, “Rebirth”, and “Sandstorm”, etc. P Tee Money has even gone on tours several venues within the UK and worked alongside artists like Weird MC.

After gaining a lot of success in the world of music, P Tee Money wanted to try something different. He worked his luck with modeling which did not thrive as much as his music career, but Thompson still managed to end up on some of the most renowned fashion magazines in the UK. In between modeling, he also tried his luck with acting and landed roles in some of the biggest hits like ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘The Scorpion King’.

Although Thompson was born in the UK, he was originally from Africa and wanted to use his exposure to help the talented artists in the African Film Industry. This is why he established an annual African Film & Music Awards (AFMA) to promote such artists. This was his way to give back to the African society and to make sure that more people work hard and gain due recognition in the global film industry.

Iyamu Thompson is a role model for thousands of people struggling to gain exposure. He is also an idol for a lot of people who wish to acquire success like P Tee Money. Thompson managed to bag achievements in pretty much each and every field that he pursued. In addition to being an actor, model, a musician, he is also a renowned author who has written several critically acclaimed books. Some of his most famous publications include “Caught in the Middle”, “The Jezebel Next Door”, The Player’s Code”, among several others. His erotic novels and predatory takes on artistry gained a lot of eyeballs. His books are available on Amazon for purchase.

P Tee Money has also mastered multiple languages adding to the charisma of his character. There is a lot more to learn about Prince Iyamu Thompson a.k.a. P Tee Money. Visit and dive deeper into the life of this prodigious artist.

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