When you don’t fill a program or get a new client signed on how do you deal with it? Are you blaming the economy or too much competition? Or do you look at what you could do differently to convey the value of working with you?

Pointing fingers at everyone else but yourself will not make a difference in your success. You have absolutely no control over anything, or anyone, outside of yourself. Blaming does not change anything. It only diminishes your power. If you knew how much your mindset affects your success would you continue to blame others, focusing on all their faults?

Successful entrepreneurs take personal responsibility. Your actions, thoughts and feelings affect your results. Self control is powerful. It takes more confidence to walk away from a fight than to get into one.

Clear focus separates the successes from everyone else.


Not taking ownership for your actions is a passive stance. Passive entrepreneurs harbor resentments and place blame on everything, and everyone, else but themselves. Having an external locus of control reinforces the belief that they cannot affect the outcome.

Empower yourself; you have choices. Ownership about your actions uplevels your commitment to your goals. Of course there will be times when you will follow leaders in the field. Only you, however, can take personal responsibility for your actions. Observe your role models. How do they play an active role with their business, actions and outcomes?

When you are told to do something and you know it is not right for you, then speak up when it is appropriate. Timing is everything. You might not want to argue with your loved one who says they support you but continue to encourage you to play small, avoiding any risks. You can, however, speak with your coach for a reality check and honest feedback.

At all cost, avoid blame or criticism. Complaining does not help. It is passive, weakening your power. Instead take to heart all feedback you receive. Identify the underlying implication, to determine if this is something you ought to look into further or to let go. Look for the solutions. This is empowering.

Believing you have a choice is called having an internal locus of control. You control all variables in regards to your success. Granted, things occur which are out of your control. Empower yourself by realizing you have a choice about how you want to act, or react, at any given time.

Release yourself from the doubt, fear and worry which holds you back from playing full-out in your business. Strengthening your internal locus of control increases your sense of empowerment. You take ownership for the outcome. It is the difference between being a passive business owner and an engaged, successful entrepreneur. Positive self talk, boundaries and taking responsibility impacts your success.

Self Talk

Everybody does self-talk. We give ourselves messages all the time. Become aware of what you are telling yourself, particularly when stressed or dissatisfied with your progress. Is your message blaming or looking for solutions? It is possible the things you say to yourself are not even your words but something you heard repeatedly when you were younger.

These phrases are limiting and self criticizing.
“I should”
“I have to”.
“I ought to”
“I need to”

Replace these phrases with
“I would like to”
“I hope to”
“I choose to.”

They are empowering, reinforcing your ability to choose. How you talk to yourself all day long affects you more than you realize. Think of what you say to yourself when no one is around. Are you beating yourself up, not even realizing it? If you spoke to a child the way you talk to yourself, would you be accused of emotional abuse? How would your energy be different if you never criticized yourself? This one change would have an incredibly powerful impact on your energy with powerful results in your performance. Choose how you want to respond at any given moment.

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