What someone may find is that they can handle a fair amount of stimulation without feeling washed out. So, one could wake up and check their phone, spend most of their day around others, and even go out in the evening, and everything could be fine.

Along with this, there can be all the time that they spend around others on their way to work and on their way home, along with the people that they come across on their way to see friends in the evening and on their way back. Once they get home, they could continue to be stimulated by looking through their Smartphone.

The Norm

This could be how they experience life throughout the week and, once the weekend arrives, they could still experience a fair amount of stimulation. After a while, however, they could get to the point where they need a break.

When this takes place, they could end up going on a holiday for a week or so, only to come back and live in the same way. Living in this way may take a lot out of them, and they may find that they experience a fair amount of adrenaline, but this is likely to be what feels comfortable.

A Momentary Release

If they need to wind down and they don’t go away, what they could do is take part in some kind of class. For example, they could end up doing some kind of yoga, meditation, or take part in a dance class.

Taking or drinking something could be another way for them to relax. What could also allow them to relax, while also stimulating them, is watching a film or a series on one of the many streaming services that are available.

Another Area

If they are in a relationship and they have an argument with their partner, it might not really faze them. In fact, they might even enjoy having it out with their partner, with this being a way for them to release tension.

As a result of this, they might unconsciously look for things to argue about. Their partner might need as much stimulation as they do or they might do what they can to limit the amount of stimulation in their life.

A Different Life

Although this is how some people experience life, there are going to be others that are unable to live in this way. For someone like this, the modern-day world could be far too stimulating for them.

Ergo, they will probably have the need to limit the amount of time that they spend around others and the amount of time that they spend online. If they don’t do this, it won’t be long before they will feel washed out.

Outer Directed

Even so, one could have moments in their life when they ignore their own needs and end up going along with what other people want. Behaving in this way may allow them to receive approval, but what it won’t do is allow them to take care of themselves.

Once this has taken place, it might not be long until they realise that they should have paid attention to their own needs. The key will be for them to listen to themselves, not to focus on pleasing other people.

Wired Differently

One will be a human being just like the people who can handle a lot of stimulation; what will most likely be different is their brain and nervous system. This will be why they are unable to handle as much stimulation and need to live differently.

This doesn’t mean that there is something inherently wrong with them or that they are ‘special’. With this in mind, one doesn’t need to feel ashamed and they don’t need to feel superior to others either.

A Gift or a Curse

What is likely to define whether or not being this way is something that causes them problems or enhances their life is how they live their life. If they listen to their needs and do what they need to do to look after themselves, they can thrive.

Being highly sensitive won’t be something that causes them to suffer; it will be something that allows them to deeply embrace life. Due to how sensitive they are, it can be as though they are super present, and this can mean that they take life in at a deeper level.

A Big Impact

One won’t need to take anything to feel alive and to be more responsive to their surroundings; they will be this way naturally. Like a sponge, they can pick up just about everything that is going on around them.

And while this can give them a unique outlook on life, it also means that their whole being will end up being overwhelmed if they don’t take a step back and allow themselves to recharge. This is why spending time alone and being in nature is so important for their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Too Much

If they don’t do this, and they have too much stimulation, they can find it hard to function and they can suffer unnecessarily. Their heightened sensitivity, something that can benefit them and the world in numerous ways, will then be a problem.

Instead of being able to take life in and to empathise with others, they can end up feeling numb and disconnected from themselves and others. At other times, their emotions could be totally out of control and this will cause them to be all over the place.


What this emphasises is how vital it is for someone to live in the right way if they are sensitive. When they are able to do so, being this way will no longer need to feel like a burden.

If one is sensitive and they can see that they are not living in the right way, it will be essential for them to change their life. The assistance of a therapist or a healer may be needed here.

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