Stress is undoubtedly part of life, but while some people are able to handle a fair amount of it, there are others who can’t. When someone can handle a fair amount of stress, they may generally be able to handle their day-to-day life.

If they do feel weighed down, it could show that they have just been promoted or that they have taken on more than usual. For a short time, then, they won’t be able to function in the same way as they usually do.

Inner Strength

What they may find, once this is over, is that they feel even stronger than they did before. This experience would have tested them, but it won’t have had a negative effect on their life overall.

Through having the ability to handle pressure, it will allow them to move forward and to make progress in their life. They may have a job that involves a lot of responsibilities and is fairly high pressured, or they might not have a job like this.

An Important Ability

Yet, no matter what kind of career they have, having the ability to handle a fair amount of stress is going to serve them well. This doesn’t mean that there won’t have been moments when they will have been taken out, though.

Yet, when they can see that they are getting to this point, they might typically end up taking a step back. They will know that they can handle a fair amount of stress, but they will also know that they are not impervious to stress.

Another Part

And as they are generally able to handle the challenges of living in the modern day world, they may also be able to handle the stimulation that goes with it. Being in areas that are highly populated might not faze them.

The lights, sounds and smells that are part of these areas are probably not going to bother them either. This is not to say that they will want to spend hours and hours in these kinds of environments; what it means is that they will be able to handle them when they need to.

Two Parts

As they are able to embrace the world, they may also find that their body is able to embrace most of the food that they put in their mouth. Being able to take in life will make life worth living and being able to take in food will be what allows them to live.

In other words, their digestive system is not going to have the tendency to play up and to reject what they eat. This could be something that very rarely takes place, thereby allowing them to absorb the nutrients that go into their body.

A Radically Different Life

On the other hand, when someone can’t handle much stress, it can be a challenge for them to handle their day-to-day life. They won’t need to have anything big going on in order to feel weighed down.

When it comes to their job, they could do something that is fairly low stress and where they don’t need to see many people. This can then make it easier for them to manage the stress that they do experience.

Held Back

Still, through being this way, they may find that it stops them from taking the next step in their career. Taking this next step might not simply be seen as something that would wipe them out; this could be what would actually take place.

It is then not that they lack the courage to take the next step; it is that taking the next step would be too much for them to handle. Perhaps they have tried this is the past, only to end up in a really bad way.


Nonetheless, while not taking the next step will be a way for them to manage their inner world, it doesn’t mean that they have fully accepted this. They could end up feeling hopeless and powerless from time to time, and they may feel as though they are incapable and lack what other people have.

If the people in their life are supportive, it might make it slightly easier for them to handle being this way. Furthermore, they might not be able to handle too much stimulation either.

Totally Fried

They may prefer to go into areas that are not too populated, such as the woods, or to go out when there is not likely to be many people around. Load noises, strong smells and bright lights could wash them out.

After being in a populated area for a little while, they could soon end up feeling drained, and it could take them a little while to recover. Their digestive system might also have the inclination to play up and struggle to utilise the nutrients that go into their body, which may mean that they are either over or underweight.

A Reflection

Therefore, not only will it be a challenge for them to embrace life; it will also be a challenge for their body to accept the food that they eat. One might believe that this is just a coincidence and that these two things are not connected.

This could be the case; then again, these two things could be merely symptoms of what is taking place within them at a deeper level. There is the chance that what took place during the beginning of their life played a part in why they are experiencing life in this way.

Way Back

When they were a small child or even before then, at their birth, their system may have been overwhelmed with pain. The external support that they needed wouldn’t have been there, which was why this took place.

Regardless of whether they were a child or a small baby - even though it would have been harder if they were a baby - it wouldn’t have been possible for them to handle this pain. As an adult, this original trauma is then going to be what is triggered whenever they feel overwhelmed, and it is not going to take a lot for this to take place.


What this illustrates is that even if one’s mind is not aware of a traumatic event, it doesn’t mean that their body won’t be. When what happened in their past remains a mystery, it will be normal for them focus on the symptoms that arise.

It is not that there is anything inherently wrong with them, it is just that their body is unable to integrate this experience/s, and this is why they are experiencing life in this way. As this trauma is resolved, the symptoms will most likely start to subside.

If one can relate to this, and they want to change their life, they will most likely need to reach out for external support. This can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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