There are many curiosities in life and I live with one. My flatmate moved from Italy to live in the UK. How can that work? What possibly would attract somebody to Overseas Removals from sunny skies in Italy to the grey skies of the UK! It cannot be the food, it cannot be the wine and it is most definitely not the weather. So what? Apparently he moved for the women!

Now when I picture an Italian woman, I imagine a beautiful goddess with long wavy black hair and dark skin! She is stylish, elegant and powerful. Granted she may one day turn into a large round mama, but don’t all women? However my flatmate tells me that I could not be more wrong. He says that these type of Italina women are few and far between and practically unobtainable to most “normal” men. He also says that British women are far more beautiful and much more fun!

According to Fabio, my flatmate, who seems to have studied the topic at great length, the best women in the world are British. They are confident, outgoing and love to party. They have their own unique dressing style and don’t take life too seriously. Apparently the only down side is that they cannot cook but who wants to be chained to the kitchen all day? Its a great excuse to eat out anyway.

So if Fabio is correct about British women, why is he not interested in me? I am British, funny, pretty and earn well. So what could be the problem? I am not entirely sure but I do intend to find out. Watch this space!

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