Your resume is your introduction to an employer or a recruiter.The resume is a collection of your professional life, your achievements, your abilities, education to summer internships and your publications to technical skills. It is serious that your resume includes anything that would help you get the job that you are interested in.

Having a well-written, handsome resume is a serious part of the job hunt maze. Here are some tips to help you to achieve your dream jobs in bank, IT industry, or any others:

1.First select the layout of your CV, drafting will be better for layout selection, Yes I’m not joking, layout is also plays an important part in CV writing.

2.It should be in A4 page layout size, and set accurate margins for all sides.

3.It should have the knowledge but not too much long. it can be in 1 or 2 pages, employers don’t read too many pages resume they have not more time for one candidate.

4.Increase your attention to layout: your resume must be easy to read by spacing, keeping margins generous and separate and highlight the primary headlines by using BOLD.

5.Presentation is very important. Don’t hand-write your CV, or use weird types or colored paper. Times New Roman, Arial or Tahoma will be better and professional font types.

6.Use big and Bold your name on the top of your CV’s page, also don’t forget to use normal case in your name, use Capital first letters of your name like Andrew Smith, don’t write like this ANDREW SMITH.

7.The most important things the contact ways, by which the employers reach you, that are contact no., email, and others. Also remember only mention only one contact no. or email. Too many emails and contact no.s shows a bad impression to employer.

8.Then you must have a professional email ID, which sounds unique with your name, don’t use funky or weird email IDs, like Use this type of email IDs,

9.Proofread (for misuse of words, spelling errors or poor grammar). Then read it another time.

10.Use energetic verbs (such as ‘managed’, ‘achieved’, ‘set up’, ‘led’) to make you sound affirmative and dynamic.

11.Keep it simple and to the point information on your resume, don’t use sentences in your skills or achievements like After my internship I achieved a Permanent Job, this sounds ridiculous, it can be easily if you mention you internship starting and ending period as well as job period.

12.Don’t forget to write your achievements and learning skills in resume as it shows and positive impact to candidate.

13.Make sure you have written all your certification and license details in your resume, as it has its own importance.

14.You can use bullets if you have many skills, but sometimes bullet show negative image to your resume so I suggest you to don’t use bullets if you have more enough working experience.

15.Then ask someone else to read it, too.

16.One last check: has the CV got your name, address, phone number and email address on it?

17.If you’re applying for more than one kind of job, you’ll need more than one CV. Have a ‘skeleton’ CV but be prepared to change the order of things around or highlight particular skills or experiences to fit the job you’re going for.

18.If you are applying for overseas jobs then you can also publish you resume for any type of bank Jobs, manufacturing jobs, or others.

Make your career to the write way by following the right path, this is what I have done hear. Now its up to you how you can describe your self in a paper, which we called RESUME. Follow the tips and be professional. Good Luck!

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