Gynecomastia is a problem where men have overdeveloped breast tissues that their breasts appear like those of women's. The problem of having overdeveloped breasts in men makes them so uncomfortable and too conscious of their appearance, so conscious that it affects the way they live their lives. Most men who are suffering from gynecomastia are in great confusion and dilemma that they often wonder what they will become when they walk around with those women-like breasts. Gynecomastia brought men serious psychological torture that is beyond imagination.

The greatest dilemma of men with gynecomastia is the fear of living with humiliation for the rest of their lives. Large breasts are only for women and a man with woman-like breasts may suffer from humiliation for the rest of his life or for as long as he has those big boobs. The sufferings of men with gynecomastia can be very heart wrenching. So what are these sufferings? Keep reading to understand more about the pain and miseries brought by overdeveloped breasts in men.

Gynecomastia or overdeveloped breasts in men affect their confidence. When a man is not happy with his physical appearance, his confidence can be damaged. Overdeveloped breasts in men affect their self-esteem and confidence. They become overly shy and unsure of their worth as a person. Who would not become shy and overly self-conscious if you are developing breasts that resemble those of women's? Part of being confident comes from being comfortable and satisfied with one's physical appearance. When your physical appearance doesn't conform to what is perceived by most people as normal, your confidence will surely suffer miserably.

Overdeveloped breasts in men prevent them from enjoying summertime. Most people with gynecomastia hate summertime not because summer is not a great season; it is because they know they cannot enjoy the beach and all summertime activities that will require them to expose their bare chest in public. Summer makes them feel sad because they cannot take their shirts off and enjoy the beach. Imagine how frustrating it can be to stay home or do something else when almost everyone you know is on the beach enjoying their summertime.

Overdeveloped breasts in men may get into the way of getting intimate with a woman. When a person is in a relationship, intimacy cannot be avoided because it is through intimacy that women and men connect with each other emotionally and physically. Although it is natural for men and women in relationship to get intimate, men with gynecomastia often hesitate to get intimate with a woman because of the fear of rejection. A woman seeing a naked man with woman-like breasts may freak out or may not understand what gynecomastia is. Although there are women who can accept this condition, it is still hard for most men with gynecomastia to open up about their condition especially to women.

Some men with gynecomastia may come to terms with their condition and may learn to live with it despite the teasing and unwanted attention from people who do not understand the pain and frustrations of having overdeveloped breasts in men. But most men who have this condition want to get rid of their enlarged breasts to reclaim their masculine and manly chest. While surgery can correct overdeveloped breasts in men, not all men can afford it or confident that they can handle the side effects of surgery. Fortunately surgery is not the only solution for gynecomastia. Overdeveloped breasts in men can be treated naturally.

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