Trauma and the fight/flight response
To become traumatised, all that needs to happen is to endure an event during which we feel powerless, whilst simultaneously having a threat to our survival.
Often, during these events, we also feel isolated and we do not have the physical and/or emotional resources to deal with the situation.

Upon realising we are in a threatening situation, the fight/flight response kicks in. This can be due to big ‘T’ type trauma such as physical, mental or sexual abuse, bullying, rape, mugging or other life-threatening events such as a car crash, wartime situations, natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornados, etc.

Other types of trauma affecting us, and much more frequently, almost on a daily basis, are small ‘t’ traumas, the emotionally-threatening situations based on our perceptions (usually misperceptions) of self and our environment which also trigger the same flight/fight response. These would include events of not feeling safe, good enough, in control, of feeling inferior, powerless, worthless, abandoned, unlovable or a multitude of other negative life beliefs we developed based on past experiences, most of the time from very early in childhood.

The effects and physical repercussions of the flight/flight response, triggered by the experience of a real or perceived threat, are widespread and well documented.

In these situations, the amygdala responds to emotional memory and when triggered sends a signal to the hypothalamus. Through a series of hormonal messages between the hypothalamus – pituitary – adrenals (the HPA Axis), the result is the release of adrenaline, blood sugars, cortisone and other hormones and chemicals into the bloodstream

This in turn controls/affects:

• Blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature
• Adrenal and thyroid function
• Immune function, cellular and DNA behaviour
• Intelligence, cognitive function
• Stress and anxiety levels
• Digestion
• Sleep patterns
• Hunger and thirst, the reproductive system, and
• a host of other physical and mental functions

The freeze response

However, importantly and crucially from the standpoint of being traumatised and its later effects on many aspects of our lives is the less understood freeze response.
When threatening events occur, the change in our physiology allows us to be able to either instinctively fight more effectively or quickly get away from the situation, but when a traumatic event occurs and, for whatever reason, we can no longer fight, we can’t take flight, then we simply freeze.

On a physical level, our chemical responses protect us bio-chemically from emotional and physical overwhelm through the production of endorphins to block out the pain we are about to experience (awareness of the physical damage can be dealt with later if we survive).

What also happens during this freeze response is that part of our consciousness splits off energetically to hold and contain the trauma.
This concept is known in every branch of trauma work by labels such as parts, subroutines, inner child, capsules, wounded selves, shadow self, etc.

From a Matrix Reimprinting perspective, we refer to these parts as Energetic Consciousness Holograms (ECHOs)

When the ECHO splits off energetically, it is held in our local energy fields. The ECHO contains all the information encoded at the time of the traumatic event. Everything that was sensed, all the thoughts, emotions, physical sensations are held by energetic holograms of these ‘younger selves’ trapped in time at that moment of trauma.

Another aspect of the ECHO is that it creates an amnesia effect; the event is numbed out from consciousness as if it never happened. But it still affects us, as the memory encapsulated by the ECHO lives on in the images of our subconscious and dictates our response to future situations.

Creating an ECHO is one of nature’s amazing programmes. It helps us deal with the trauma at the time, as described above, and subconsciously warns us to avoid or be on guard for similar events as they arise in the future.

Problems occur with ECHOs when the subconscious response to a situation is inappropriate to the perceived threat. As long as trauma is held by the ECHO similar events will trigger a similar response. As we get triggered more and more often we suffer stress, anxiety, phobias and so on, which affect our interactions in everyday life. Eventually, if the stress is prolonged and we can’t deal with or avoid the situations, the body will try to adapt these perceptions creating physical and psychological dis-ease.

A further problem is that it takes lots of energy to hold all this information in our fields, especially for people with lots of trauma who get triggered often by everyday life. You may have noticed how when you were younger the traumas and stresses that you experienced didn’t affect you to the degree they do now as an adult.

As we age it gets more and more difficult for the ECHOs to hold these traumas at bay. Another issue is that on a cellular level these pictures are real life memories happening now. Memories are only memories to the conscious mind; to the unconscious mind they are current events.

Overcoming Trauma with Matrix Reimprinting

With Matrix Reimprinting we help the ECHO to release the energy of the trauma by tapping on them, using the EFT acupuncture points, we dialogue with ECHOs back at the time of the trauma, giving them new resources and helping them move safely through the traumatic memory, creating positive new memories in place of the original events. Quickly and easily we can let go of the trauma on a subconscious level and feel safe. We then send this positive new information back into the body to help healing on an epigenetic level. Matrix Reimprinting offers a safe, gentle and highly effective way to do this and creates a permanent healing effect.

Every person on the planet has been traumatized and these traumas are affecting us all, every day of our lives, creating pain, disease and limiting beliefs. You may want to ask yourself what your specific ‘current events’ (or, in other words, past traumas) are that are keeping you from healing and happiness?

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