On October 22, 2009 the book, Overcomers, Inc. that I helped author, there were 37 of us, gained bestseller status. What an amazing day that was to officially say that I was a best selling author! I’m generally not one to “toot” my own horn but on that day I did and it felt wonderful. I had overcome my adversity or challenge of giving myself permission to proudly say to the world what I had accomplished and not feel guilty or self-righteous about it. Since that magical day, there has been a tremendous shift in how I view myself. It’s as if all of the teachings that I have learned and have passed on to others finally integrated fully into me. While my purpose as a facilitator is to guide people to fully love and adore themselves, I realized that I didn’t always do that for myself. This was a huge insight and a deeply seeded belief that I uncovered. It was as if a bright shined onto a part of myself that was unable to absorb who I fully was. For me, that was the greatest that I could ever receive.

Part of the work that I do with individuals and groups, is to help facilitate them to see their wonderful magnificence of who they are by embracing every part of themselves and coming to a place of peace with the life they are living. It saddens me to hear folks beat themselves up for the choices they have made or the situations they have found themselves in. I’ve always thought, who needs terrorists when we subtly and many times not so subtly abuse ourselves for the type of people that we have become due to our life’s circumstances. I am always so heartened when someone who chooses to work with me is able to come to terms with their inner shadow and / or critic and fully embrace them selves for how courageous and resilient they have learned to be. I operate from the belief that everything we do has a positive intention, though the outcome isn’t always positive. This includes various types of addictions, depression, anxiety or habits that we push down and feel ashamed of. Many are afraid to show their shadow parts because they are convinced that people will judge them or worse leave them.

Isn’t it interesting how compassionate we can be towards others yet when we are personally faced with adversity there can be a tendency to deny ourselves grace around being human and having challenges. It’s no wonder there is so much conflict around us. If we cant’ be loving and kind to ourselves, how can we expect others to be loving and kind?

What I have learned, is that every one of us is a best seller and has a touching story to tell the world of conquering the impossible. So many folks have overcome tremendous adversity and have gone on to serve the world with their gifts of gratitude, insight and wisdom. When are you going to stand up on that mountaintop and shout to the world, that you are a best seller of your book of life? Take charge and become the greatest that you can possibly be. It’s not your place to play small. It’s your birthright to be Great!

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Catherine VanWetter ~ Inner Resolution Facilitator Of Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness & Love

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