Overcoming Fear of Rejection
The fear of rejection is one of the most deep-seated terrors for many of us. Every person on this planet can recall a time where he or she felt unappreciated, misunderstood, challenged, or just outright rejected. This feeling is so awful that we begin to avoid any situation that might lead to rejection. However, avoidance behavior does not bring happiness. As the saying goes, “Nothing ventured, Nothing gained.” Here are some ways you can overcome your fears…
1. Ask yourself: Is my fear of rejection due to MY OWN feelings that I am “not good enough?” Perhaps there is an area of obsessive focus or a perfectionist streak in you that is at play. If so, then you need to use positive affirmations and understand that no one is perfect; your best efforts are good enough. Maybe there is something about you that needs to change, which is causing you to fear rejection because it’s something YOU reject about you. Begin working in this area and you’ll find your fears melt away.
2. Ask yourself: Is my fear of rejection related to MY rejection of OTHERS? Perhaps you are judgmental when you meet new people. You might look at people strangely and think they are “weird” or “socially awkward,” which then becomes a fear that others will think the same about you. Remember, no two people think exactly alike. You must let go of your unfair criticisms and actively seek the good in people.
3. Do something you’re afraid of -- alone: If social situations make you feel anxious, then go to a party or a local event alone and introduce yourself to others. Begin with the goal and the affirmation “I will meet someone of interest here tonight” – and don’t leave until you’ve made it happen! Take a road trip alone and go to another city. It’s the perfect excuse to talk to others you do not know. If you’re afraid of the dating scene specifically, then try a speed-dating event, which forces you to talk to a bunch of people in a short period of time, or a singles mixer. There are also “singles boat cruises” which might be a great way to break out of your shell. As scary as it may seem to even consider doing something bold that requires you to step out of your comfort zone is, it is the fastest path to rapid growth. You will be amazed at how your thought about the event, task or new experience is actually far greater than the reality of it. The reward will be increased confidence, a greater faith in your capabilities, and excitement for the next time that you embark on a similar experience.
Don’t fear rejection: it is simply nature’s way of weeding out people or experiences that just aren’t for you. This part of life helps us dig deeper introspectively to find our true strengths and differences.

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