You know it...

That moment where you see that girl and you want to go talk to her.

Maybe it's in school, maybe it's at work, maybe it's at the gym....

Who cares where it is! You just want to go talk to her and get her to like you.


But the problem is you're too shy to do it.

Well I'm gona try to help you out with that by giving you an insight on women that you might not have known before which in turn will help you lower your shyness.

Every step to overcoming your shyness is a small victory so you have to treat it as the progress that it is. So hopefully this will be another step towards overcoming your shyness.

It's when you begin to slowly see yourself become more and more confident by using advice and techniques. Through this article, you're going to learn how to get better at talking to girls despite having your anxiety.

And as you learn more from me, you'll begin to see things differently that comes together so that shyness doesn't have as much control over you.

Every time you look at a girl you almost always see them pretty dam confident about themselves right? Like, they have a wall of self-esteem, confidence and power that you can't match, and talk to her one on one. It's like you have to reach that level of confidence otherwise you can't even approach her.

Let me ask you something...

Have you ever seen a woman walk up to a guy and flirt with him? And she doesn't know him...

Have you ever seen her initiate flirting with someone she doesn't know?

Most likely the answer is no.


You might say that it's because she's not really interested in anyone...


She's not supposed to be approaching other guys because it's not "decent"?

Both of those answers are wrong and the second is pretty much a double standard.

So why is that you don't see women approaching?

Well...we live in modern times, and trust me if they had the ability they would.

This is an age of female empowerment, it's natural for her to do as she pleases and be commended for it.

Here's the truth...and I've interviewed hundreds of women on this topic.

They all said they would love to approach a guy that she's interested in - but she's too shy.


What you interpreted as confidence and unapproachable is simply the way a woman carried herself despite her shyness To Continue Learning More About This Article Follow This Link: More on shyness from this author.

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I was the guy who showed up to hang out and people would go “Ugh why’d they have to bring HIM?” But I learned some of the most incredible things that lead me to meeting supermodels, actors and small time movie directors. If you're interested Click Here To Learn How To Overcome Shyness And Live The Life You Always Wanted