Did you know that we each have within us four powerful allies that can help us heal and transform our lives? They are the four archetypes that exist in every culture in the world: The Lover, Magician, Warrior, and King/Queen. When I learned about these four archetypes it helped me delineate and put a name to these old friends who have been helping me traverse my 3-year cancer journey, and life in general.

I’m going to Las Vegas soon for several days with my husband Tom for a family reunion with his 7 brothers and sisters. I look forward to spending time with these wonderful people. However, this trip challenges me in a number of ways. Therefore, I’ve decided to enlist my four allies in transforming my fears into fun! I’ll use that an example to illustrate how we can use these super powers in dealing with life’s challenges:

Description: This archetype gently guides us in facing, feeling, and embracing whatever’s happening. It welcomes, listens, nurtures, and asks questions like, “What are you feeling right now? What’s happening inside you?” The energy of The Lover invites a deepening into what we’re experiencing. It doesn’t want to ‘fix’ us; it only wants to hold us in a spacious embrace of love, acceptance, and discovery as we follow, allow, and unwind whatever is happening. It’s usually best that this ally be the first one we enlist when we begin exploring our issue because it brings us to the heart of the matter.

Example: I check in with myself, asking, “What are you feeling about going to Las Vegas?” As I explore this, I’m aware of feeling concerned that I’ll be stressed, over-stimulated, and depleted by the big energy of the Vegas trip. I’m afraid the stress will suppress my immune system and trigger my cancer, which seems quiet and dormant right now. I don’t want to awaken the beast!

Speaking of beasts, as I go deeper I’m aware of another fear I have: when I’m stressed, my Pandora’s box of embarrassing personas has been known to burst open and out pours the likes of Ms. Huffyton, Chopped Liver, The Incredible Sulk, Miss Fit, and the dreaded…Ms. Thunderfull! Oh my!

My Lover ally smiles knowingly, and embraces all these many me’s, all the meany, moody, messy me’s. I know that when these parts of me aren’t invited to the party, they tend to crash it. The Lover welcomes ALL of who we are with open arms.

Description: This archetype holds the super power of imagination, vision, creativity, and thinking outside the box. It shows us new possibilities, new ways of seeing things, new ways of being. It invites us to imagine, “Who would I be without this issue, this fear, this story I tell myself?”

Example: I’m using The Magician ally to help me visualize myself in Vegas having a wonderful time. I see and feel myself being centered, relaxed, and happy, playfully being with whatever, and whoever, shows up. I imagine myself enthusiastically telling friends after the trip, “I had a great time!” My Magician energy is helping me envision this as if it is already so. And so it is.

Description: The Warrior archetype confronts, takes action, and gets things done. It is firm, direct, practical, and purposeful. It asks questions like, “What needs to happen here?”

Example: I ask myself, “What do I need to do to help myself stay calm and centered while in Vegas?” Here’s the action plan I’ve come up with: I will take 10 deep abdominal breaths throughout the day. That triggers my Vagus nerve (how appropriate for Vegas!), which in turn triggers my immune system and my relaxation response. I will also dance and wiggle my pelvis like Elvis every day for at least ten minutes to reduce tension.

I plan on allowing myself plenty of time to take space, rest, and recharge my energy while there. I’ve already talked to Tom about exchanging lots of relaxing hugs, and keeping the lines of communication open, clearing the air as we go along. (I find that when I sweep things under the rug, I end up getting the rug pulled out from under me!)

Description: This archetype is our higher self. It is the energy of love and joy. This super ally encourages us to: “Remember who you are. Remember that you are a beautiful soul. Remember that you are loved and guided and safe, no matter what. Remember that you are on a mission to discover and express your inherent magnificence.” It sees the higher truth and the deeper meaning in everything.

Example: As I tune into my higher self and view the Vegas trip from my soul’s eye view, I see that it is a perfect opportunity to practice being fully present in the midst of big energy, to keep coming home to my heart, seeing myself and others, even Vegas, from this loving perspective: “Namaste Vegas -- the higher being in me sees the higher being in you.” I intend to look for the joy and beauty in everything around me.

I say Viva Las Vegas, and Viva the Lover, Magician, Warrior, and King! Accompanied and aided by these four formidable allies (and my fantastic husband), I plan on having the time of my life!

Are you aware of these four archetypes in your life? How are these powerful allies helping you heal and transform your life?

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