Many people fail to overcome anxiety because they always think about how to become “normal” again. The following article will us more about how to overcome anxiety by knowing what we want and why we want it.

I get this question every day. And I always used to ask it myself, too:

"How can I again be the person I used to be before anxiety? How can I be 'normal' again?"

Let me tell you one thing - you don't want to be normal, nor do you want your previous life back.

Ask yourself this question: Were you a worrier before? Were you really happy and self confident before? Was your life 'perfect' then?

Rarely do I hear people answering positively to all of these questions. Yes, your life might have been better than it is now. But it sure was not perfect, was it?

Setting a goal like, "I want to become normal again!" is just like setting yourself for failure even before you begin. First of all, what is 'normal' anyway? When you hear the word "Normal" do you think of excitement and joy? If you ask me, normal is boring. "He's just another normal kid..." isn't the best way to be "labeled", don't you think?

What I want you to do is to set your goals to become better than you were. Better than you were a day ago or a month ago, or few years ago.

I remember thinking that if only I could wake up one day feeling "normal" again, being the person I used to be before anxiety. Well guess what, that isn’t going to happen.

It's like hoping to wake up one day with a six-pack abs instead of a beer-belly, after eating nothing but Twinkies for 4 years straight.

We do hope it'll happen but it never does.

And huge advertising and drug companies know about this. They seduce us with promises of instant gratification and magic pills. And we fall for it every single time. That's why we consume pills by the dozen.

Look, becoming anxious is not a one day process, neither is overcoming it. It's a sum total of all actions we took and steps we made before. We didn't take good care of ourselves before and that's why we are where we are today.

But the good news is that we ALL can turn this around. As far as I know there are NO lost causes or impossible cases of anxiety. It's true that the treatment process might be different for everyone. But there are no lost causes. Remember that!

All you have to remember is to take a small step every single day and get a little bit better than you were yesterday.

Look, Japanese people have an amazing word - Kaizen.

It simply means never ending improvement. It’s like getting better than you were before, than you were yesterday.

It means improving your current situation by a measly 1% a day. Just 1%!
But that measly one percent a day soon starts stacking up and in one year your life improves in leaps-and-bounds.

And that's all by taking one simple, small step a day.

So I want to challenge you to improve your life just a little bit every single day. Do something. Read something. Face one little fear: Whether in reality or simply by imagining yourself facing it.

When I was suffering, I created this simple 3-step formula to overcome my anxiety and live the kind of life that I have always wanted. It simply goes like this:

Define in details what you REALLY want in your life.
Answer WHY you really want it (And don't just say, "I want it, because it makes me feel good!") Be as specific as you can.
Create a MASSIVE action plan that is doable but not overwhelming.
It may sound simple but it really works. It allows your brain to focus on what you really want (whether it's overcoming your anxiety, panic or losing 20 pounds) and gives you a true PURPOSE, true reason WHY you want it.

Do this right now. Take a piece of paper and a pen, and answer these two simple questions.

If you do this, I can honestly promise you, this will be the best "shortcut" you could ever take to overcome your anxiety.

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