Over 50s Life Insurance is available to people normally between the ages of 50 to 80.

One of the benefits is that even if you have any pre existing medical conditions that may have prevented you from obtaining other forms of life cover you will still be able to obtain Over 50s Life Insurance because the life insurance companies do not take into account your state of health.

Over 50s Life Insurance is available on a single life basis i.e. if husband and wife both wished to take out Over 50s Life Cover they would each need to apply in their sole names.

Another benefit of Over 50s Life Insurance is that the policy will always pay out no matter when you die. So let us assume you took out Over 50s Life Cover when you were 53 and died when you were 98-the life policy would still pay out. Furthermore most life assurance companies only expect you to pay premiums for a maximum number of years dependent upon when you took out the Over 50s Life Cover.

In the above example, with the policy I took out, I will only have to pay premiums for 20 years or until I die whichever comes sooner. Each provider of Over 50s Life Insurance offer slightly different features and benefits so you should compare these together with the quotations before making a decision.

If however you were to die from natural causes during the first 12/24 months of taking out the policy the life insurance company would only refund the premiums you have paid but if you died from a fatal accident during this initial period they would pay out the full sum assured.

This type of life policy is often taken out to pay for your funeral, to provide a legacy for say a grandchild or for the benefit of your partner.

Some providers of Over 50s Life Cover offer a specific funeral option whereby if you state that the proceeds of the policy are to be used for your funeral and a certain funeral firm are to deal with your funeral the insurance company will often pay out say an extra £250 or say an extra 10% of the sum assured at no extra cost to you.

I speak from personal experience when I say that an Over 50s Life Insurance plan is simple and quick to set up. At the time I was looking at taking out further life cover I had some pre existing medical conditions that made it difficult to obtain other types of life cover hence my reason for looking at Over 50s Life Cover.

To obtain online life quotations all I provided was my date of birth, whether I was male or female, whether I smoked or not and how much per month I wished to pay or the amount of cover I required. Having decided which Over 50s Life Insurance Company I wished to take out the cover with I was able to go online and complete the very brief proposal form and went on risk straight away, which gave me immediate peace of mind.

You may wish to visit my website http://over50lifeinsurancequotes.net for more information about Over 50s Life Insurance and to obtain quotations from a number of providers of Over 50s Life Cover.

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Alan Hope has previously worked as a Financial Adviser and therefore has considerable experience about life assurance. He is the founder and author of http://over50lifeinsurancequotes.net - a site which provides additional generic information about Over 50s Life cover and also provides access to quotations from a number of providers of this type of life cover.