In today's economy, keeping a business from going belly-up will be every businessman's top priority. And it does make sense, given the current global financial crisis, to spend lesser and lesser on company expenses, fire a couple of slackers here and there (modern businesses have even given it a fancy term: corporate restructuring), get into any debt or loan consolidation plan, and last but not the least - outsource.

Yet we'll never hear the end of the argument stateside: “We're gonna lose our jobs for some hack on some third world country who can't get a decent bath let alone speak proper business english?” Yes, the truth sucks more often than not. But from a smart businessman's perspective, doing the math is relatively simple: paying someone off-shore 500 / day of whatever currency they may be trading in, will beat your $500 /day (assuming of course you're earning that much). The concept is so simple yet so effective that the guy who came up with this brilliant idea of offshoring, should go to jail just on general principle alone. In today's rapidly growing technology, the people learning to speak proper english is exponentially growing as well. B2B (Business to Business) Call Centers even go to the trouble of hiring Americans (or any native speaker for that matter) as part of their training department, specializing in business English, accent reduction and neutralization, and even US culture orientation. The quality in which the offshore and outsourced call center professionals operate is at par if not greater than their US counterparts. Professionalism and quality will always be on top of any B2B call center's priority.

One of the many benefits of migrating your business offshore is that it allows the business owners to focus more on their mission-critical projects, core-competencies and eventually, towards bigger business development. Outsourcing your answering service, order processing, telemarketing, appointment setting, b2b lead generation, and other important functions of your business gives both existing and potential clients the illusion of doing business with a large highly-structured organization. Outsourcing has become widespread and has become accepted as a normal, legitimate, and profitable business that it has even inspired movie production companies from making a couple of movies based on this phenomenon (Outsourced, Big Nothing, Hello, Boiler Room, etc).

There are no shortcuts when it comes to keeping your business afloat, that we all have to agree on, but there are surefire ways of cutting down on expenses without sacrificing or cutting down on quality and professionalism. Nowadays, the choices for migrating your organization's key functions are limitless. Thousands are jumping into the call center bandwagon that it makes it twice as hard to choose the legitimate from the fly-by-night boiler rooms. Choosing is relatively simple. The internet will always provide you with more than enough names to keep you busy for the good part of the year. So what do you do with all those names? To begin with, checking out the industries they've worked with is a good start. Then ask around; if you have the means to get in touch with those companies and get the lowdown straight from the horse's mouth, the better. It really wouldn't mean much at this point, but checking up on the awards, recognitions and other commendations they've received from various sectors (and even better, from their peers themselves) wouldn't hurt.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. If what you seem to be doing with your company isn't making much sense than what it used to, then, outsourcing your b2b telemarketing to call centers would put your mind at ease knowing that your organization's major functions are in the competent hands of professionals who will make that difference between keeping your business above waters and sinking it altogether.

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