With a small business to build, streamlining your day from the very first moment can mean productivity increases, peace of mind, and yes, even hidden profits. Finding profits in hidden places can be much easier than you think, I promise. As a small business owner, what you do at the very start of your work day – literally the first thirty minutes – can make all the difference in the world to your profitability. Believe it or not, your most important goals for each day depend on how you manage those first thirty minutes.

Why? Because it’s very likely that as a small business owner, you’re wearing far too many hats. Start every day this week by closely watching those first thirty minutes and asking yourself what you can (and should) be delegating to a team member (or outsourced vendor). With the recession there is a wealth of freelance talent available to small businesses that simply didn’t exist before – and you can enjoy the fruit of someone else’s labor, better use your own time, and increase your bottom line just by examining what you do and what can be tasked elsewhere.

When you look closely at the start of your business day, are you getting entangled in issues that are carried over from the day before – that could have been outsourced to a trusted, well trained staff member? How about email? Surely a great assistant (or virtual assistant) could handle routine questions and issues. Phone calls? Drop-ins? The web? You get the picture. I’m certain the answer to most (if not all) of these examples are things you can delegate, to some degree.

Running your small business takes leadership. It takes management tools. It takes informed decision making. What is on your plate for today? If someone else can do it, then by all means delegate. If it is a repetitive task, how can it be automated? If it can be outsourced, look into that option. SYSTEMS are the most important part of creating more productivity (and more profit) in your small business. Without them, it’s likely you will tread water until you drown.

In Eat That Frog, Brian Tracy recommends that you do the toughest job first and get it behind you for the day. My take on that is that you do the most strategic task first - something that only you can do.

Think about it. Today, what will make the biggest difference in your business? Do you need to work on sales? Customer service? Something else? Decide, then do it.

The first 30 minutes of the day sets the tone for the entire day. Not only for you, but for all of those who work with you. Choose wisely. Put your time and attention to your profitability and make the best use of your time. And not just for the first 30 minutes of the day... but every hour in the day. Think strategically about your workday hours; it is the most valuable resource for your business.

The way you use your time is a direct link to your profitability.

Donna Marie Thompson
Creating your best profit solutions is my highest priority.

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Author's Bio: 

Donna Marie Thompson, PhD is a Small Business Profitability Expert and Founder of Expert Profit Solutions. She is a two-time best-selling author who has spent most of her career problem solving in international management consulting.
Donna Marie has helped businesses meet their profit targets under challenging circumstances. She was a Director at PricewaterhouseCooper's Consulting, and has worked at Booz Allen, as well as local consulting firms. This wide range of experience in businesses of all sizes uniquely qualifies Donna Marie to guide small businesses to discover their hidden profit potential.
Donna Marie earned a PhD from George Washington University, an MBA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, a CPA in the state of Maryland, and is a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index.