The possibility of outsourcing various business processes has been given a boost over the last couple of years with the development of the cloud, which means activities such as IT support can be carried out remotely and more cost effectively. For many businesses this is one of the most significant and beneficial developments of recent times.

There are, however, still some myths surrounding outsourcing that often put businesses off going for a managed IT system.

If I outsource, the helpline will be based abroad
This is actually not the case. A large number of the managed IT systems now operating here have their IT helplines in the UK, which means their staff are uniquely placed to provide you with all the local knowledge and personal care you are looking for. Neither are these individuals casual labour working from solution scripts – they are knowledgeable IT professionals who will help you get to the root of any problem without confusing you with technical jargon.

It costs far too much to run a managed IT system
The main worry is that, while in the short term it might be cost effective, in the long term, running an outsourced managed IT provision will cost a lot more. Again this is far from the truth. Employing an onsite professional to run your IT can cost tens of thousands. And if your needs are more complicated, you will need to employ more staff. With an outsourced managed IT system you can keep control of the costs which work out lower in both the long and short term.

You give up control when you outsource
Every business wants to keep its finger on the pulse, especially when it comes to that all important IT provision. The problem is you don’t want a third party running your system without you having any real control. In reality, managed IT systems put you at the heart of development and most providers will be able to suggest new and innovative ways to improve your business. In short, they entirely focussed in supporting your needs and not working to their own agenda.

You will be locked into a long term contract that could be detrimental to your business
The growth of outsourcing has also seen the industry develop because there has been more competition. It is no longer the case that you can get sucked into a long term contract that can damage your own future development. Managed IT systems are far more flexible than in previous times.

Indeed, many managed IT support companies won’t even tie your business into a minimum term contract and depend largely on the quality of expert service they provide to maintain a relationship.

You have to hand over your entire IT provision
Neither do you have to give over your entire IT management to a particular company – it’s no longer an all or nothing proposal. If you have a particular issue that you want them to handle, most UK based IT support providers will be happy to help you with those specific needs rather than taking control of your whole operation.

Of course, as with any service provision, it pays to shop around and find the right IT system for your company. However, more and more businesses are beginning to turn to a managed IT provision as a more cost effective and hugely beneficial way of supporting their company infrastructure, improving productivity and staying connected.

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I am Erika Chitty. I work for M2Computing in Operations & Sales support. At M2Computing, We provide flexible and affordable Small Business IT Support, virtual desktop, systems support, Hosted Desktop and cloud services across the South East, UK.